Why Top Aesthetics Is the Go-To Brand for Celebrities Across the US

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Whether surgical or minimally invasive, cosmetic procedures are often subject to trends. Hair transplants are out, upper arm lifts are in. The interest in laser skin resurfacing is growing, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, while microdermabrasion has seen its popularity shrink. Cosmetic surgery is a dynamic field, with new procedures invented and old ones improved upon. What has remained constant, though, is the demand for quality, celebrity-grade work. Over the past few years, Top Aesthetics has established itself as a champion of excellence in cosmetic surgery, catching the eye of celebrities across the US.

Top Aesthetics was founded by Dr. Humberto Palladino and Dr. Gabriel Palladino, two Argentinians who came to the US to practice in one of the epicenters in the field of cosmetic medicine—Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They’ve gone so far as to strategically pick a location for their clinic that’s not too far from the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport. Convenient as that may be, however, the Palladino brothers have developed a more substantial offering that put them on the map.

From the start, Top Aesthetics was focused on delivering good results while maintaining an impeccable safety record. To ensure the quality of outcomes for their patients, the clinic started implementing a concierge concept for patient care to ensure the clinic’s presence and guidance during both the pre-operative and post-operative period, not just during the operation.

In practice, this means that every patient the clinic took on was seen, heard, and given advice from professionals who are at the top of their field. It means that patients would have certain comforts, such as no contact with other patients. The clinic boasts of no waiting time or waiting rooms. That guarantees a level of privacy appreciated when it comes to patients’ cosmetic needs.

At the core of the patient care program at Top Aesthetics is their proprietary patient management system. Powered by AI, it greatly improves both pre- and after-care and allows patients to easily find answers to their questions. Recognizing their responsibility for keeping patient information safe, Top Aesthetics has also implemented a rigorous data removal policy that ensures only the necessary information is kept and only for as long as it’s necessary.

Thanks to their willingness to adopt new and emerging technologies and implement them to benefit their patients, Top Aesthetics has seen growth in its client base and the number of procedures they are doing. So much so that the clinic has a plan to open another site, where the focus would be on minimally and non-invasive procedures. Called Las Olas MedSpa by Top Aesthetics, it’s set for a Fall 2022 opening.

While some of that client base might be coming from the line of the rich and famous, Top Aesthetics is adamant that their top-quality services shouldn’t be outrageously expensive. The clinic wants as many people as possible to experience the excellence it offers. Still, with a proven track record of quality, safety, and privacy, it’s bound to continue being the go-to brand of cosmetic healthcare for celebrities.

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