By Hillel Aron

It's just after 10 PM, and the entire state of California is waiting with bated breath for Los Angeles County's millions of votes to start being counted.

While 57% of Sacramento County precincts, 25% of San Diego County precincts and 25% of Riverside County precincts have all been reported, LA County has 0… no wait, 20 precincts reporting, according to the Registrar's website. That's .4%.

What exactly is LA County Registrar Dean Logan doing? Playing Words With Friends?

“Ballots must arrive from all over the county before they can be counted,” Logan said over twitter, “Incremental updates are starting shortly and will continue approx every 20-30 minutes until all precincts have reported.”

Logan also tweeted that because of fog, ballot carrying helicopters had to be re-routed.

Turnout in LA County was 66.66% as of 8 PM.

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