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Thanks to the advent of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, the film industry, like most other industries, underwent a drastic transition. People across the globe were having to face the harsh reality of the mess life was going to be until the world can get this under control. Many looking for new ways to fill the holes of time throughout the day have turned to the movie and film industry as a way to do so. As everything else has changed with time, so has the way we consume TV and film as a whole. This new wave of online streaming platforms has left the door open for independent filmmakers to capitalize. That is where Steve Stanulis comes into play.

Steve Stanulis is someone who has spent a significant amount of time in show business and television. During his time in the industry, he has left quite an everlasting mark through consulting behind the scenes with some of the industry’s most creative people. He’s also an actor who’s been in films including The Sopranos: I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, and The Interpreter. He has since served as a former bodyguard for Kanye West and a police officer for the New York City Police Department. With credentials such as those to his name, he should have no problem in his next business venture, Stanulis Films.

His tremendous background and unique view in the industry allowed him to create a blueprint for independent films. Backing that statement up was the success early on for Steve Stanulis and his team. According to Stanulis, one of the company’s first achievements was winning the prize for “Best Documentary” at the 2019 Independent Film Festival in New York for the documentary “Wasted Talent.” Over the duration of the last few years, Steve has continued to water the seeds he planted in the film industry, and his new film agency is beginning to grow.

As we continue to see the entertainment industry as a whole make the shift to various streaming and sociable platforms, more and more people are going to try and enter the market. But just like anything else, only a few strong individuals thrive off of an opportunity like this. It is a wise investment to go with the likes of Steve Stanulis and Stanulis Films, and his track record holds that to be true. He claims to have an unrivaled view and outlook on the film industry and that with the right partners, his opportunities would be limitless. The trend is clear, and the plan is in place, look for Steve Stanulis and Stanulis Films to add to their laundry list of accomplishments and continue to double down during this prime time.

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