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As the saying goes, “Life is too short for mediocre underwear.” Still, every day, thousands of people are forced to settle for unsatisfactory intimates. Despite the fact that the history of bras dates back to 14th century BC, it would seem as though the advancement of undergarments and intimates hasn’t advanced much at all. But, from the mind of a Wall Street and biotech entrepreneur comes a new line of intimates that introduces both science and savviness to their designs. Introducing Skye Drynan’s SexyBack Bra and Bareback briefs from her fashion line, House of Skye.

From waiting tables to bartending to working her way up to become one of the most influential biotech figures on Wall Street during the rise of the genetics boom, Skye’s entrepreneurial history is one for the books. And with this new development of ground-breaking technology applied to her innovative SexyBack Bra for women and Bareback underwear for men, Skye’s House of Skye line of fashion and intimates is already set to break the barriers of fashion and apparel.

With 22 adjustable tabs that can be customized to any body, style and design, House of Skye’s SexyBack Bra serves as the first fully functioning and fashionable bra that can accommodate even the most unique clothing designs. As many women know, finding the perfect bra that serves its purpose to subtly support the design of a fashionable top or dress is next to impossible. But after Skye was inspired to design a bra that would meet the needs of women everywhere, the SexyBack Bra was born.

“When I created the bra, it was a reflection of my lifestyle. I wanted it to enhance the aesthetic of a woman,” Skye says. “I thought, ‘Why can’t you have super high fashion and high function?’”  

While the SexyBack Bra is revolutionary for women, Skye’s line additionally offers something special for men—Bareback underwear. Made from medium weight cotton spandex blend, Bareback briefs are especially made to help enhance a man’s anatomy with its sleek and innovative design. Made for pleasure-seekers, the Bareback briefs additionally come with a secret pocket that is perfect for hiding condoms or other small items that one might need at a moment’s notice.

As the first of their kind, House of Skye’s SexyBack Bra and Bareback briefs introduce science and style through the designs of their intimates. With luxury and function as guiding principles of the brand, Skye Drynan’s House of Skye is quickly becoming recognized pairing style with innovation.

To learn more about Skye Drynan, find her on Instagram and to check out House of Skye’s new SexyBack Bra and Bareback underwear visit their website.

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