Why Pins & Aces Beer Sleeve Might be the Best Thing to Happen to Golf 

Though to some, golf is viewed as a pretentious and stiff sport, one emerging golf brand is striving to deflate the stigma surrounding golf—meet Pins & Aces. Initially launched in 2018, the brand’s CEO and Founder Nick Mertz sought to create a golf brand that incorporated the wit and casual culture of golf. After realizing the lack of fun and unique golf club headcovers on the market, Mertz set out to diversify and bring fun back into the game of golf with headcovers that were equally interesting as they were hilarious. Though the brand has since evolved into a full line of golf gear, presently some of Pins & Aces headcovers include a cover that looks like a beer can, past U.S. presidents, a sprinkled donut and even a boxing glove.

“In recent years, the culture surrounding golf has evolved immeasurably,” Mertz says. “These days you see a lot of golfers embracing their own unique style. We wanted to design and produce products that are relatable and relevant to today’s golf culture, made from the highest quality materials.”

While they’re known for their headcovers, the brand’s variety of accessories is just as interesting. As most golf courses require players to sport a collared shirt, Pins & Aces line of polo shirts offers a fresh take on the polo with bright colors, fun patterns and of course, comfort and quality. So whether your style is a darker polo that features subtle dancing skulls or you’re a little more funky and would go for a leopard-patterned polo, Pins & Aces explores creativity and individuality on the golf course.

But what might be their most interesting product available on their site is their beer sleeve. As most golfers know, bringing a few drinks onto the course is quite common. The problem is how. Pins & Aces created an ingenious beer sleeve that discreetly fits into the slots of a golf bag and carries seven beer cans in an insulated sleeve. So instead of worrying about a cooler or a separate bag for your brews, Pins & Aces solves the golfer’s beverage problem with a hole-in-one. To learn more about the brand, visit the Pins & Aces website or follow them on Instagram.

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