Why Mad Labs Is Poised to Become the Next Cannabis Giant

Cannabis is a billion-dollar industry that’s growing by the day. It seems like every time you turn around, there’s another company announcing its entrance into this booming market. But for all of these newcomers, few have established themselves as giants in the industry. Mad Labs is one such brand that has created quite a buzz in this industry due to its various products and top-notch quality standards. With its CBD line comprising everything from vapes and oils to concentrates and edibles, Mad Labs is poised to become the next big thing in the industry.

Mad Labs’ success was not accidental. On the contrary, the team has put in a lot of work to discover what customers want and how best to serve them. A deep understanding of how consumers want their cannabis and what they are looking for is a major factor in how Mad Labs conducts its business. The brand uses high-tech devices and the highest quality products to offer its customers convenience and an unforgettable user experience. That combination has helped establish Mad Labs’ credibility and trustworthiness, leaving a long list of satisfied customers who are eager for more.

In an industry with many undercutters concerned more about making a profit than the customer’s safety, Mad Labs is ushering in change with its unique approach to the business. The team has invested a lot in its vape pen cartridges, combining innovative vape technology with superior oils for an unparalleled user experience. That begins right from the beautifully designed packages filled with the highest quality products on the market. Unlike many brands in the market, Mad Labs uses high-quality ceramic coils and Pyrex glass tanks in its vape cartridges. This minimizes the risk of BPA (bisphenol) found in plastics that leach into the vape oil and become a health challenge to the user.

The quality of the vape products is as crucial to Mad Labs as the hardware. The brand uses organically grown flowers with negligible amounts of fertilizers and pesticides from its farm in California to make its products. Moreover, Mad Labs uses an innovative, solvent-free extraction process. This process uses water, ice, heat, and pressure only so there’s no chance of contamination by harmful chemicals. Lack of contamination increases the potency levels of the product, and that’s another reason Mad Labs are so popular with customers.

The aroma and flavor of Mad Labs’ products come from its usage of full-spectrum extracts. While many brands depend on artificial flavors and low-quality extracts, Mad Labs does not spare any expense in this part of the process. The team spends hundreds of hours testing new terpene profiles to determine the best flavor outcome in new products. That makes the final product a masterful blend of cannabinoids and terpenes and gives it a distinct feature that separates it from others in the market.

As a reputable brand with a long-term vision, transparency is crucial for Mad Labs’ business. The company has an innovative authentication process that customers can use to verify their purchases. Every product comes with a scratch-off authentication code that confirms whether you have a knock-off or the real deal. Customers can also scan the QR codes on the products to view a detailed report from the third-party lab tests.

Mad Labs continues to improve the quality of its products daily with the hope of taking over an even more significant portion of the market. The goal is to become a billion-dollar company soon.

LA Weekly