Why Hexgo will be the #1 blue-chip utility NFT

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The last two years have seen NFTs explode in popularity, launching many new projects. More recently, hundreds of NFT projects have launched in the previous few months, as more people have realized their potentials and how these NFTs can completely transform different industries.

While this is a plus for the market and creators, the current trend has also opened the space to more challenges. For instance, with so many projects and the stiff competition in the industry, it has become challenging to establish your spot and, even worse, build a trusted NFT brand. However, these inherent challenges have not deterred Hexgo from fulfilling its mission and reaching the top in the space.

Hexgo is the first-ever blue-chip utility NFT to give 50% of all sales loyalties back to its members. It also offers its members exclusive access to the Hexgo vault, heavy-duty utilities, and other incredible awards.

According to Mike Fraleigh, the brain behind Hexgo, their goal as a team is to build a community that supports other projects while adding value to their members. They are developing a platform designed to plunge into the future of crypto and the metaverse, as it creates room for more opportunities.

Hexgo NFT is built for non-stop action and longevity, helping the team fulfill its mission alongside its holders. They have developed an exclusive collection of 10000NFT cards built on the Ethereum blockchain that uses the industry-leading ERC-721 token. These Hexgo vaults cards and business model have been tailored to never go out of style or get replicated, making Hexgo NFT the first of its kind.

This unique innovation allows Hexgo NFT to bring positive change to the NFT and crypto spaces. As a plus, Hexgo NFT assures its members a lucrative return on investment, including up to 50% sales royalties and access to Hexgo vaults and other heavy-duty utilities. As a growing concern, the NFT space is one with inherent issues such as rug pull, scams, and pump and dumps, amongst a host of others. In this light, Hexgo NFT understands the fear and plight of an average user and makes a move to tackle all the concerns in the space.

Furthermore, the team is aware of the prevalent increase in malicious activities such as scams, making investing in NFTs more fearsome. These circumstances have made it harder to find a trusted brand, as stated by Mike Fraleigh. He believes that it is a probable reason for the failure of so many projects, considering that investors are afraid of taking the risk.

With a thorough understanding and assessment of current realities, Hexgo, Mike and his team have addressed these concerns and are now making the NFT space much safer. The teams’ diverse background and combined experience give Hexgo NFT an upper hand and allow them to provide long-lasting solutions to these problems and build a trusted brand.

Hexgo NFT is the first innovative blue-chip utility NFT to disrupt the industry and  adopt such game-changing innovations, and as an incentive, they offer members a lucrative return on investment. Hexgo NFT is a trusted community built on transparency, innovation, experience and commitment.

While Hexgo may be young in the game, they have quickly built a solid online community with a clear roadmap that allows everyone to be part of the journey. Hexgo remains committed to revolutionizing the NFT space and helping others in the industry grow their income through its excellent returns.

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