Why Consumers are Choosing Delta Munchies for Their Delta-8 Needs

Delta-8 is making huge waves across the cannabis industry. It’s the newest cannabinoid to be explored for its beneficial properties and is quickly becoming a front runner alongside the other most popular cannabinoids such as THC and CBD.

Since delta-8 is still relatively young, companies are still researching this cannabinoid and all of its amazing properties. But the more research that’s being done, the more delta-8 products we are beginning to see, such as delta-8 edibles, prerolled flower, vapes, and tinctures. Although it’s still in its youth, thankfully for us, there’s already an amazing company out there completely mastering delta-8: Delta Munchies.

Who Are Delta Munchies?

Delta Munchies is a company with 15 years of experience in the cannabis industry cultivating high-quality, lab-tested cannabis products. All of their products are made in America and made from 100% American-grown hemp.

Always at the pulse of the industry, when Delta Munchies found out about all of the incredible properties of delta-8, they decided to dive in headfirst. Ever since, Delta Munchies has been committed to creating the safest and highest-quality delta-8 products on the market. (And if you ask us? They’ve certainly done it.)

Delta Munchies puts their primary focus on three things: quality assurance, consumer education, and making wildly fun and delicious delta-8 products.

Quality Assurance

All of Delta Munchies’ products are rigorously lab tested and GMP certified. Delta Munchies also uses ISO 9000 guidelines for all of their products which are fully screened by third-party labs.

For many companies in the cannabis industry (and beyond) transparency surrounding the quality of their products isn’t always at the forefront of their priorities. This is one of the many things that sets Delta Munchies apart. They want you to know exactly what’s in their products. How many other companies can say that?

Delta Munchies are so committed to making sure you’re happy with the quality of their products, you can reach out to their customer service email (contact@deltamunchies.com) at any time with any questions or concerns you may have and they will respond to you right away with help, answers, or replacement products.

Consumer Education

Delta Munchies also believe that it’s incredibly important to educate consumers on the products they’re consuming, even beyond things like quality testing. There is still tons of research to be done about the marijuana plant and all of it’s cannabinoid derivatives, but the best tool consumers can have is the knowledge to distinguish which products are right for them.

Delta Munchies is committed to consumer education through blogs, articles, and informational posts that highlight all of the benefits of delta-8 without any bias. They frequently update their blog with educational content on cannabis and delta-8, talking about things such as the legality surrounding delta-8, the differences between delta-8 and CBD and THC, and even first-person testing, so you know exactly how delta-8 may affect you.

You can also find Delta Munchies spreading their delta-8 knowledge in reputable cannabis publications such as LA Weekly, High Times, and SF Gate. (Really, they’re everywhere!)

Product Highlights

Delta Munchies started exclusively with their gummy edibles (you know, hence the name Munchies) but they’ve quickly expanded their product line to include a variety of other fun, high-quality delta-8 products. The flavor, smokability, and quality of their products are top notch.

Currently, Delta Munchies offers:

  • Delta-8 gummies that come in three different strengths (10mg, 20mg, 30mg) and four different flavors (Peach Rings, Watermelon Gummies, Sour Bites, and Gummy Bears)
  • Delta-8 vapes that are disposable, rechargeable, and come in four different flavors (Strawberry Haze, Grape Ape, Melon Dreams, and Banana Lush)
  • Delta-8 prerolls that come in three different strains (Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid) as well as four different flavors (Zaza OG Indica, Cherry AK-47 Hybrid, Texas Poundcake Indica, and Super Sour Diesel Sativa)
  • Delta-8 tinctures that come in four different flavors (Cherry Lime, Mango, Sour Apple, and Strawberry)

If you’re a brand, storefront, or company that is interested in selling Delta Munchies in your shop, they also offer wholesale options so that you can bring the magic of delta-8 into your local community.

You must be 21 years old to enjoy Delta Munchies. All Delta Munchies products are tamper-evident and child-resistant. As of 2021, Delta-8 is legal in every U.S. state with the exception of Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Utah.

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