We found a company that would disagree – Luca. When asked their favorite pair, there was no hesitation – the Essex. Why? They are high-waisted, enough Lycra© to hold it all in, not see through in any way, the perfect length to show a little ankle ….. and most importantly they come in our favorite color… black!

The best part is these leggings go everywhere. As we got to know these women, they’re proof of that, saying their schedules were busy would be an understatement. “A typical day starts in my Luca leggings at the gym, quick change into an over-sized sweater before going to a work brunch meeting and then heading into the office. At the end of the day changing from work flats to heeled booties and out the door to meet a friend for drinks,” said founder Danielle. The good news is when they found themselves working from their home office and on virtual happy hours, the leggings did not change, just what they paired them with. “We now just live in our leggings while others struggled to find their new favorite athleisure wear. Our Luca leggings are a no brainer work from home uniform for us.”

Let us back up, it is probably fair to assume that you have never heard of the Essex leggings or Luca Company for that matter. Luca Company is a new lifestyle brand that specializes in two main collections, Athleisure & Accessories. While that may seem like an odd combination, it actually is a perfect depiction of who they are. Founded in Chicago, IL by two sisters and their mom. “While we may be sisters, we have two very different styles. One of our closets is full of athleisure wear and Cass doesn’t leave the house without her jewelry on no matter how casual the outfit,” Danielle explained. So where does their mom come in? She is really where it all started! The strong woman who raised us to have high standards especially when it comes to leggings, so who better to name their brand after than her, Luca short for DeLuca. The one thing they all agreed on was they were tired of buying sub-par basic leggings that stretch out and keep falling down. They decided to do better and build a company focused on quality, which brings us to the Essex leggings.

The Essex leggings are their best selling leggings. The perfect combination of fabrics that don’t look too cotton-y and don’t look like they were only meant to be worn at the gym. A perfect basic legging that really can do it all. “We certainly don’t want to be changing out our entire closets as quickly as new trends roll in with the next season. That’s what’s so great about the Essex. It pairs with everything,” said founder Cassie.

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The one thing we can all agree on is a great quality and long-lasting staple goes with everything in the closet. We asked Luca to take us into theirs and share what they are currently pairing the Essex leggings with:

First up, crop tops –

The extra high-waisted fit of the Essex lends itself to the current crop top trend. A boxy crop tee meets right at the top of the waistband.

Can we talk about the summer trends without mentioning bright sneakers? –

This is one of the best trends this season, such a great place to play with color. Nike, New Balance, Reebok all couldn’t resist bringing out their version of a fun colored neon sneaker. — The Luca Essex, a knotted top and bright sneaks screams lunch with the girls.

Last but not least… Tie dye –

Who does not love a DIY? You certainly can buy tie dye everything at the stores, but judging from the bit of dye remnants at the Luca office, the oversized tie dye tops in their closet are the real deal!

As much as we loved the Essex, we walked away with a few other favorites. The Bellevue – a basic long sleeve with a twist, the Colins – a pair of sunglasses that everyone should have in their bag, and the Addison – a ring that you can wear on any finger.

Head over to Luca Company and use code LAWEEKLY for 20% off your entire order thru June 30th.”

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