While Toronto Artist Eyjay Inc. is Going Global, He Won’t Forget His Roots

The art industry is growing rapidly due to digital media’s advancements. It has given many the opportunity to display their work online. But what hasn’t changed is the way art is perceived by others. What makes every single piece of art special is how differently it’s perceived by each person. The uniqueness is the reason behind the vitality of art in any culture.

One of the unique and talented artists is Ali Jammal. He creates stunning pieces of abstract art. His work really does speak for itself. Ali has been commissioned by top celebrities and notable personalities to create unique art pieces for them. His art is displayed in places owned by famous personalities throughout the U.S.

This success did not come easy and the battles Ali had to get to where he is today would have discouraged many to continue. But what kept him going was the belief he had in himself. He always knew that his art held value and one day people would understand that. The pandemic was also one of the most challenging times he had to endure. In the beginning, he was puzzled and lost which clouded his mind but it later proved to work in his favor.

During the peak days of the pandemic, Ali shut himself in his studio and spent a lot of time just trying to explore his art. He experimented and didn’t shy away from adopting different methods to create better pictures. This challenged him but had a positive impact on his work. Ali believes that he has created his best pieces during these difficult times. He will always remain grateful for this opportunity.

Ali’s artwork is showcased by Eyjay Inc. and his pieces have been presented to the world. The company has held solo exhibitions in order to present his outstanding work to audiences around the U.S. and Canada. Eyjay Inc. has been hosting these exhibitions since 2017 in Toronto, Canada. It’s safe to say that the exhibitions were a major success. His increased popularity has resulted in being commissioned by famous personalities to produce unique pieces of art.

Individuals like Ali are an inspiration for many young artists around the world. He has proved that anything is possible if you put your mind and heart into it. Ali advises others to always have a hobby or interest that provides an outlet to express yourself. As well, if you find that you are stuck in a dark place, creating something with your own hands can be one of the most liberating experiences.

Ali has a lot more dreams and goals for his foreseeable future. He plans to go global and present his artwork in many major cities that are known for art. The cities on his list for exhibitions are Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and London. Being able to take his art throughout the world and showcase it for the world is one of the dreams that have kept him motivated to showcase his talent outside Canada and beyond.

LA Weekly