Where to Find the Best Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair shedding is natural. Every day, we lose between 50 and 100 hairs. However, when you start noticing hair on your pillow every morning, it’s usually a signal that you will need a quality hair transplant in the near future. The best place to get one is Turkey – the world’s capital of hair transplants.

Istanbul-based Smile Hair Clinic is a perfect example of the impeccable service you can expect to receive if you decide to leave everything and travel all the way to Turkey for a procedure.

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Turkish Expertise & Experience at Smile Hair Clinic

Smile Hair Clinic was established in 2018 by two recognized hair transplant specialists, Dr. M. Erdoğan and Dr. G. Bilgin. These perfectionists have been practicing different hair transplant techniques for years before joining forces and opening their own hair transplant clinic.

Clients and peers alike have recognized their knowledge, skill, and experience. The clinic was featured on BBC’s Healthcare Tourism Documentary Series a few years back.

Smile Hair Clinic’s team of experts includes:

  • Dr. Mehmet Ziroğlu, Medical Doctor, Hair Transplant Surgeon
  • Dr. Gökay Bilgin, Medical Doctor, Hair Transplant Surgeon
  • Dr. Mehmet Erdoğan, Medical Doctor, Hair Transplant Surgeon
  • Dr. Firdavs Ahmedov, Medical Doctor, Hair Transplant Surgeon

Should you decide to meet them in person, you will get to experience Smile Hair Clinic’s unique TRUE philosophy firsthand. It consists of four elements – True Planning, True Hair Line Design, True Execution, and True Innovation – guaranteeing exemplary healthcare to every patient.

Why Choose Smile Hair Clinic Over Competitors?

At the heart of Smile Hair Clinic’s TRUE philosophy is its commitment to excellence.

While all that sounds great in theory, it’s perfectly natural that you’d prefer to see how TRUE values look in practice. According to Smile’s doctors, every client receives a personalized service that aims to achieve three goals – natural-looking hair, ultimate comfort, and long-term transformation.

It’s the Turkish way to provide all-inclusive treatment to clients coming from abroad. Various hair transplant techniques and complementary services are available at a fair price.

Depending on the type of hair transplant, prices at Smile Hair Clinic range from €2390 to €6890 (around $2340 to $6740 in 2022). In the US, the same procedures cost between $11400 and $15900. For many people in need of a hair transplant, this is the primary reason to choose Smile.

What Is Included in Smile’s All-Inclusive Package?

The world-famous Turkish all-inclusive hair transplant package includes the following:

  • Transfer from the airport to the clinic and back again;
  • Luxurious accommodation in a 4-star or 5-star hotel;
  • Free initial consultation and online aftercare services;
  • Medications you need before, during, and after surgery;
  • A translator who can make communication smoother.

All that for a price five to six times lower than in the US? It sounds hard to believe, but these clinics are 100% legitimate healthcare businesses. The reason they offer such a comprehensive service package at a bargain price is the balance between Turkish currency and the euro and dollar.

Another reason is the booming hair transplant market that makes Turkish clinics keep their prices low to beat the competition. Turkey also has a prestigious healthcare education system. Students from all over the world come to Turkey to study medicine and stay here to practice.

Smile Hair Clinic is a perfect example of this. As a patient there, you get to enjoy the care and attention of world-class surgeons and stay in cutting-edge medical facilities – for cheap.

What Hair Transplant Services Does Smile Offer?

The complexity of a hair transplant procedure depends on the technique. However, the most prevalent techniques are also the most straightforward ones with the best success rates.

One of the most popular techniques in Smile Hair Clinic is follicular unit transplantation (FUT), where the surgeon removes hair follicles from the healthy spot (usually the back of the neck) one by one and moves hair to the bald area. Individual hair is then planted into surgically made canals.

Another popular type of hair transplant surgery is the so-called follicular unit extraction (FUE), which is not very different from FUT. During this procedure, the surgeon takes a long strip of skin from one of the healthy areas of the scalp and then separates the follicles before transplanting them. Many hair experts consider FUE the most effective technique for patients suffering from alopecia areata.

After a surgical hair procedure like this, a complete hair restoration cycle typically lasts for a year. Different hair types may behave differently during this recovery time, but most should return to work after a few weeks. The procedure itself is painless and risk-free, with no severe side effects.

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Other services that Smile Hair Clinic provides are:

  • Beard transplant
  • Eyebrow transplant
  • Female hair loss treatments
  • Afro hair transplant
  • Sideburn restoration
  • Mesotherapy
  • Mustache transplant
  • Sapphire hair transplant
  • DHI Hair transplant
  • Manuel hair transplant
  • Body hair transplant
  • Unshaven hair transplant
  • Needle-free anesthesia


Whether you’ve just noticed a few patches of thinning hair or experiencing full-blown hair loss, Turkey is the place to be when your shiny, thick hair starts to fall off. Smile Hair Clinic provides one of the best all-inclusive packages in Istanbul, promising rapid hair growth at a low price.

If you’ve dreamed of having a fine head of hair, book your ticket to Istanbul today.

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