For Jacqueline Monroe, the secret to her career satisfaction has been her ability to say no to positions that failed to align with her values. Today, as the number one lead generator for an industry-leading PR firm, Monroe is creating countless connections while uncovering her passion in the process.


Have you ever thought about waking up one morning and sliding into the DM’s of Joe Rogan to see if he’s down to make a deal today?

Well, if you haven’t, then you’re not Jacqueline Monroe.

As a founding member of Mindful Media, one of today’s Top 7 PR And Branding Firms For Entrepreneurs according to a recent Forbes article, Monroe has grown to be the companies #1 lead generator, and the brevity of her networking knows no bounds.

“I’m relentless in the face of adversity,” Monroe confirmed. “I just want to be friends with everyone on the internet!”

And unlike that girl from your graduating class who’s always trying to sneak into your DM’s with an exciting new “business opportunity,” Monroe is providing real value and real opportunities to those lucky enough to be discovered by her.

To date, her initiative has landed hundreds of individuals on the pages of top-tier press outlets. From Forbes to USA Today, Monroe is a savant in connecting clients with earned media, finding the perfect placements for individuals and businesses seeking to share their stories in recognized publications.

Now, more than ever before, brands and businesses need to establish a digital presence in order to stay relevant in the wake of the pandemic. This past year has provided businesses the opportunity to rebrand, restructure, and reassess how they want to represent themselves to their client base – creating a spike in competition for clients and customers.

In fact, data is indicating that from 2020 to 2021, the public relations market is expected to grow from $88.13 billion to $97.13 billion. This 10.2% growth is fueled by the knowledge that reaching the public where they’re at is paramount to the success of any business, and founders are searching for ways to have their story shared before they lose their target audience to their competitors.

This is where Monroe comes in. Her unparalleled ability to connect with individuals and organizations in need of the right media coverage is driving the business objectives of her clients while simultaneously driving the success of her career.

However, like most who find themselves in a career they love, this role did not come without risk.

In fact, the real secret to Monroe’s success came from her ability to say no. The powerful PR guru walked away from three career paths that failed to provide alignment before finding her footing at Mindful Media.

With the immense pressure that is put on many to find a career, oftentimes finding the “right” career takes a backseat.

But this is a trend that’s changing.

More and more, candidates are choosing careers that feed their soul, and are finding that this short-term risk is creating long-term satisfaction.

“For me, it was really about finding a company that I felt aligned with,” shared Monroe. “This meant saying no to other opportunities, but ultimately that created the space for me to find something that combines my passion and my purpose. I’m passionate about connecting with people, and I’m purposeful about helping them level up their lives.”

The Formation of Mindful Media

After connecting with Mindful Media’s founder, Michael Graziano, at a mastermind put on by The Dream Teamers in early 2020, the pair immediately hit it off. As accountability partners, Monroe and Graziano opened up to one another about their visions for the future and the steps they’d have to take to get there.

For Graziano, this planted the seed for Mindful Media, which he later went on to launch within months of the mastermind.

For Monroe, this meant creating a career out of her passion: connecting with really cool people.

With Graziano’s media connections and Monroe’s relentlessness as a lead generator, the two combined forces in May of 2020 to officially launch the start-up. Today, with hundreds of clients successfully connecting with publications positioned to best share their stories, Mindful Media is globally recognized as a change-maker.

“I reach out to the coolest people!” reflected Monroe. “My method is really just this fishing game. Sometimes they bite, and when they do, I get to meet some really amazing people.”

The Instagram aficionado spends hours a day scrolling through the social media platform, discovering interesting people doing interesting things that could benefit from top-tier press.

“It’s like I always say,” reflected Graziano, “if you haven’t been hit-up by Jacqueline Monroe on Instagram then you’re not big enough!”

To date, Monroe’s commitment to connection has landed her valuable conversations with some of the biggest names not only on Instagram, but in the celebrity world. Her Rolodex of connections would shock you.

As a former competitive athlete, Monroe shared that “It’s a good fit because it’s competitive! I always ask myself who can I find? What big names can I get? It’s like a sport!”

The reality is, discovering career satisfaction and alignment is something that is not afforded to everyone. It requires a level of risk and trust in yourself to pursue passion and purpose. Jacqueline Monroe is a shining example of what can be created when you provide the space for what matters.

For those who have yet to be graced by a DM from Jacqueline Monroe, connect with her today to uncover which platform can best share your story.

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