What’s Behind Jay Kinder’s Drive to Change Business in Real Estate

In business, a certain response to challenges, as well as mediocrity is critical to advancing in any field. One needs to have the drive, compounded with a strong passion for their craft to actually take real chances and discover ground that has not yet been tread upon in their industry. Jay Kinder learned this vital lesson very early on and is now paying it forward by helping others find their success.

When Jay first started out in real estate, he struggled to get business. Knowing there had to be a better way than what he saw, he invested in training and coaching from top agents in the country.

Some of what he learned worked, some didn’t. But things really changed when he met his mentor from outside of the real estate industry. He taught Jay how to build a brand, convert leads, and leverage technology. Getting clients is the biggest challenge he has faced. But learning sales and marketing has been the most important skill he has developed to succeed.

After seeing massive growth, Jay reconnected with a college friend who was interested in getting into real estate. After they met, his friend immediately quit his job and made the switch. It took him three years to earn $1.2 million in commission, something it had taken Jay six years to do. Seeing how successful someone can be under the right guidance, they decided to start their coaching company, Kinder Reese Coaching.

Today, their company is the National Association of Expert Advisors, a membership platform where clients can leverage their systems and earn certificates that set them apart as agents. Jay also started his publicly traded brokerage eXp Realty that offers coaching, leadership, training, and lead generation in a profit sharing model. “To date, we have built an organization of more than 8,000 agents at eXp Realty and we are nearly doubling every 12 months, making this company the fastest growing real estate company in history,” says Jay Kinder.

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