What To Do When You’re Too High

Have you ever found yourself taking one too many edibles? It can be a scary thing when you no longer feel that you’re in control and everything all of a sudden seems edible. Some people love that feeling while other people don’t. If you’re one of the people that don’t enjoy feeling too high then here are some tips on what to do when you’re too high.

Why You Feel Too High

First off, let’s start off by explaining why this happens. Everybody has their own tolerance to certain strains of THC. Your high can vary depending on many factors which includes age, weight, individual tolerance, etc. However, it’s also very possible that you just took way too much.

Although Delta 8 THC is not as strong as Delta 9 THC aka Marijuana, you can still get very high from it. If you find yourself incredibly high at the most inopportune time, there is a way to bring your high down.

Bringing Your High Down

If you find yourself in a predicament where being too high isn’t appropriate then try some of these strategies. However, this is not a guarantee that you’ll feel normal immediately. This serves as more of a guide on how to bring down the onset effects of THC.

Drink A Lot Of Water

A great way to bring down your high is to drink plenty of water. Also, this is helpful if you’re experiencing cottonmouth aka dry mouth. A dry mouth is very common when you get high, and drinking water can help.

Another great way to bring your high down is by adding lemon to your water. However, not just the lemon juice, try adding the lemon peel as well. The lemon peel contains an essential oil called D-Limonene which is said to have relaxing properties. Therefore, if you’re looking to calm your high then lemon + water is a great combo!

Take CBD

If you’ve ever taken CBD you know that it can help mellow you out. A lesser known fact about CBD is that it can help bring down your high. Every strain of Cannabis comes with a certain amount of CBD in it. This is because CBD occurs naturally in Cannabis and Hemp. Also, the CBD in Cannabis can help bring a balance to your high.

A lot of products such as Edibles, Vape Cartridges, and other THC concentrates have removed the CBD from the end product. Therefore, you’re experiencing an intense high with nothing to help balance it out. So, CBD is a great way to help settle the onset effects of THC. In other words, CBD helps mellow you out if you’re feeling too high.

Recommended Product: Lemon Lime CBD Tincture

Distract Yourself

Let’s say you’re really high and you start to experience anxiety – a great way to help fight that is by distracting yourself. This can include eating something, watching a movie, or going for a walk. Despite you thinking that you forgot how to breathe, most of the time you just need to distract yourself.

The thing about THC is that it binds certain receptors in your brain that normally regulate things such as hunger, pain, and other bodily functions. Once the receptors in your brain get blocked it can possibly trigger anxiety because your brain is not operating like it normally does. The good news is that your brain receptors getting blocked can cause food to taste better and you might even appreciate things more such as music, movies, art, etc. However, there is no need to panic, simply distract yourself and enjoy the high.

Delta 8 THC Can Make You Very High

Despite popular opinion – if you’re not used to taking any form of THC, Delta 8 THC can make you very high. This is because at the end of the day Delta-8 is a form of THC. Although it might not be as strong as Delta 9 THC aka Marijuana, it has the potential to get you really high.

Concentrated Delta 8 Products 

If you’re not experienced using THC there are some Delta 8 products that can produce an intense high. Unlike Vaping products, Edibles tend to be popular products that most users tend to take too much of. Although anyone can use THC products, some are better once you have built a tolerance. This can include the following Delta 8 THC products:

However, Edibles can be a great beginners product if you take the recommended dosage. Just make sure that you read the dosage guidelines for that specific brand + online reviews. We recommend taking online reviews with a grain of salt as the experience and tolerance of users can vary.

Great Products For Beginners

In order to avoid feeling too high we always recommend taking less than the recommended dosage on the packaging.  This can include taking ¼ of an Edible instead of  ½ of the Edible, or taking 2 puffs of Cartridge instead of 3 puffs. You don’t really know how concentrated the products are and they can vary from one brand to another. However, some great beginner Delta 8 THC products include:

One important thing to keep in mind is that any THC product can produce an intense high if you take too much of it. Regardless if it’s Delta 8, 9 or 10. Also, some products take longer to kick in than others. This is where the biggest mistake occurs when using Edibles. Just because you don’t feel anything after 1 hour doesn’t mean that it didn’t work. It could kick it 1 hour and a half later. 


If you find yourself getting too high there are ways to bring it down a notch. This can include taking water with lemon, some CBD, or simply just distracting yourself. Also, just because Delta 8 THC isn’t as strong as Marijuana doesn’t mean that it’s not strong. Delta 8 THC is an extract – this means that it’s a concentrated product that has been converted into an Edible, Tincture, etc.

You’ll want your experience with THC to be enjoyable and mistakes do happen. Follow these tips if you find yourself getting too high, but remember to breathe, the effects are temporary, and try to relax and enjoy the ride.

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