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By Liz Tracy

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10. Ballerina Bassers

Hometown: Pompano

Most excited to see: Fat Boy Slim

When you were getting dressed today, what made you put on the tutus?

It actually takes weeks of preparation. We just wanted to incorporate as many colors that we could find. Pretty much anything goes. We've been going to these things for a while. So the first time we came, we really didn't dress up, until we saw how everyone was dressed. It's just: Express yourself.

Do you feel emasculated in your tutu, or more masculine in it?

The weirder the shit I wear, the more I get hit on. So, no. My footsie pajamas — it's ridiculous.

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9. Star Spangled Basser

Hometown: New Jersey.

Most excited to see: Tiësto, Kaskade, Deadmau5, Swedish House Mafia.

Boots: Bought them at I Heart Rave.

What inspired your style?

Just the vibe. It's so free. I just love it.

Favorite look here besides your own?

Just a lot of jewels, sparkles, colors.

Tip: You can be patriotic in public, even outside of a Nascar event.

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8. I Want to Be Where the Ravers Are

Hometown: Austin

Most excited to see: Swedish House Mafia and David Guetta.

Fact: That's a real starfish on her head that she made into a clip.

You're like a mermaid, right?

I'm Ariel.

What made you dress up like this?

My friends and I just wanted to do a theme, so we're all Disney princesses.

What's up with the fanny pack? It's a practical thing?

Yeah, I've carried purses before, and it's like heavy, and I want to dance. It's really comfortable.

What about the wig? Think you're going to get hot?

It's actually pretty cold here. Perfect weather.

ultra couple beads.JPG

ultra leopard eyes makeup.JPG

7. Trippin' Beads

Hometown: Miami

You made this mask yourself?

I knew I wanted to make a mask. I didn't know what design I wanted. What I have is a melting rainbow. These are all neon beads, so they glow in the black light. The “PQ” in the middle actually stands for his [clothing] company Phun Q.

What about your makeup? How'd you do that?

You take any kind of eye shadow. You wet the brush, and you paint it on. Then you take a liquid eyeliner and you draw a whole bunch of parentheses around your eyes. And it looks like leopard print.

Tip: That eye look would work anywhere but a Christening.

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ultra festival bead bracelets.JPG

6. This Magic Kingdom

Hometown: Georgia.

Most excited to see: Swedish House Mafia, Above and Beyond, Bassnectar.

How would you describe your style?


Why'd you decide to dress up today?

Right: 'Cause we want to.

Left: I wanted an excuse to wear my red lipstick.

Do you make these (bracelets)?


Why Minnie Mouse ears?

Left: 'Cause it was fun, and I knew it was going to make me feel pretty.

Tip: Those bracelets everyone wears are actually really great and remind everyone one of childhood summer days. No?

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5. Goth Lobster

Who: Anastasia the Great.

Fact: Her dancers are from Russia.

Did you make this outfit?

I am Anastasia the Great, this is my stage. Every day is like Halloween for me.

You like any musicians here?

I like Tiesto. My favorite. I like techno and house. I hate hip-hop.

tin man at ultra.JPG

4. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Hometown: Orlando.

Most excited to see: Carl Cox and Swedish House Mafia.

What inspired your costume?

Pretty much, I was this for Halloween, thought it was supercool. So I wanted to be supercool at supercool Ultra.

What advice would you give to other girls who want to come to Ultra?

[Screaming] Come! And just have fun!

Fashion advice?

[Cute friend in a rainbow boa with face jewels, screaming] Glitter, glitter, glitter! Wear whatever you want!

Tip: Anything Wizard of Oz works.

ultra socks.JPG

3. Sock It to Me

Hometown: California, and she's from New York.

Most excited to see: Sweedish House Mafia.

Where did you get your socks?

Her: We got them in Harajuku, Japan.

What encouraged you to wear just these crazy socks today?

Her: 'Cause we thought no one else would be rocking them. And they have such wild fashion over there.

How would you describe your style typically?

Him: Fucking chillin'!

Tip: Understated is underrated at Ultra.

irish guy at ultra drugs.JPG

2. Feather Freakout

Hometown: Brooklyn, not Ireland, even though he had an Irish accent.

Fact: His shirt says, “Is this real life?”

Why did you decide to wear this?

Why not?

Is this real life?

It is. I think so. Maybe.

You going to come back next year?

No. I feel like it's a one and done thing.

Who'd you come to see?

To be honest, I'm here for the drugs. I don't care.

Tip: People are on drugs, fashion doesn't matter.

pikachu at ultra fest.JPG

pikachu at ultra fest back.JPG

1. Hey You, Pikachu!

Hometown: Miami.

What's with Pikachu?

I just love Pikachu. It's the most loved and caring Pokémon of them all. So why not be loved and cared for by all on this special weekend?

Did you make this mask?


Why'd you wear this to Ultra instead of something else?

I just wanted to be original, stand out.

Tip: Full body suits work only when the weather is crisp.

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