What New Customers Should Know Before Taking Delta-8 THC

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Depending on your perspective on psychoactivity, delta-8 THC may seem a bit spooky or super exciting. Many people are drawn to delta-8 to take advantage of its “legal high,” while others are cautiously curious about its therapeutic potential. While delta-8 THC is a popular pick in today’s hemp market, new customers should never rush head-first into this hemp cannabinoid.

Delta-8 is less forgiving than non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBD. If you take too much delta-8 too fast, you will likely experience severe side effects. New customers must know when and where it’s most appropriate to use delta-8 THC. Understanding these basic facts about delta-8 will help you ease into this cannabinoid.

Questions Everyone Should Ask Before Trying Delta-8 THC

When Will People Know They’re “Delta-8 Ready?”

There’s no date when people “graduate” from CBD to delta-8. Feeling “ready” to test delta-8 products depends on your sensitivity towards psychoactive compounds. Unfortunately, it’s hard to know how you’ll react to THC cannabinoids like delta-8 until you try them!

You should take a few moments to write down your health goals and see if delta-8’s standard effects align with your objectives. Delta-8 can provide superior “euphoria” effects versus CBD, but it’s often coupled with significant sedation and deep relaxation. People who want to ramp up their energy may not be the best fit for delta-8. However, those interested in stress relief and sleep health are usually interested in delta-8’s properties.

Another way to tell if you’re “ready” for delta-8 is to gauge your reaction to non-psychoactive cannabinoids. Can you get your desired results with CBD or CBG products? What about using full-spectrum CBD oils rather than broad-spectrum or isolate products? Since full-spectrum CBD may have slight traces of delta-8, it’s a better “stepping stone” toward alternative cannabinoids.

If you feel CBD oil isn’t offering the kind of relief you want out of a hemp product, it may be time to experiment with more intense delta-8 extracts.

Should You Always Start With CBD Before Delta-8 THC?

There’s no rule saying you need to start with CBD before moving to delta-8. However, most customers with zero THC experience feel more comfortable starting with CBD oils. Compared with delta-8 THC, CBD has lower risks for side effects, zero psychoactive potential, and more peer-reviewed scientific studies. CBD oils are easier to find and 100 percent legal in most US states.

Some customers find they get all the results they need with CBD products. However, others may feel CBD isn’t providing the “strong hit” they want with their hemp extracts. Therefore, using CBD oil before moving up to delta-8 is highly recommended, especially if you have zero experience with THC cannabis.

Which Delta-8 Product Is Best For New Customers?

Delta-8 newcomers should stick with less-intense products like edibles or capsules. Delta-8 gummies and pills take longer to work through your liver and digestive system. While this slower absorption reduces delta-8’s overall potency, that’s a positive trait for new customers.

Edibles and capsules are the gentlest way to introduce delta-8 into your system. Since you won’t experience a full-on blast of delta-8 THC with these products, there’s less risk of a side effect—provided you stick with the recommended dose!

Although delta-8 tinctures are OK for beginners, please remember they have a 100 percent absorption rate if you take them under your tongue (i.e., sublingually). Therefore, if you’re starting with a sublingual delta-8 oil, you should cut the suggested dose in half to help taper back this cannabinoid’s psychoactivity.

Most delta-8 experts recommend staying away from vape carts and smokable flowers until you know how delta-8 edibles, capsules, or tinctures make you feel. Vape pods and hemp flowers go directly into your lungs, which means they’re the most potent way to experience delta-8 THC. People who aren’t ready could experience side effects using these delivery methods.

What’s A Great Delta-8 Dose For Newcomers? 

You should always take less delta-8 THC than you would take CBD. However, just how much delta-8 is “enough” for your body depends on countless variables, including your weight, ECS, and metabolism.

Please always consult your delta-8 product’s packaging and stick with the lowest recommended dose. If your extract doesn’t have a dosage guide, stick with 5 mg of delta-8 THC on your first session. If 5 mg didn’t do anything for you, move it up to 10 mg the next day. Keep ramping your dose up by about 5 – 10 mg each day, and keep a detailed record of how you feel.

Once you’re getting the results you want from delta-8 THC, note it in your journal and stay at this level. Alternatively, if you’re feeling adverse reactions like nausea, paranoia, or extreme fatigue, take a day off of delta-8 and only resume taking it at a lower dose.

Before Giving Delta-8 A Go, Be Sure You Know The Third-Party Results!

Please ensure you’re using a high-quality product when you decide to give delta-8 THC a try. Always ask your company for third-party lab tests to prove your delta-8 has zero contaminants or heavy metals. You should also use these tests to verify the potency of your delta-8 goods and see if there’s ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC.

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