What makes the Quint token presale a once in a lifetime opportunity?

Investors and communities are thrilled with incredible DeFi venture that connects the metaverse with the real world to offer real-life rewards

Success breeds success. Businesses and brands that have done exceedingly well, or have introduced innovation in their fields, become benchmarks and role models. This of course just amplifies the success cycle, helping these businesses change their industry sectors for the better, and create new value for the global community.

In the world of crypto and DeFi, Quint has been doing exactly that — bringing a brand new concept to the evolving digital financial industry landscape. This has got investors moving in as early adopters, and the global community has followed.

Quint has emerged as a one-of-a-kind project that connects the metaverse with the real world, with real-life rewards and perks. From flights and supercar experiences to rare NFTs and incredible Hublot watches, Quint’s investors gain in-life rewards when staking their Quint token holdings in revolutionary super-staking pools.

Why are investors so interested in Quint? First, there’s the unique innovation of offering real world returns as well as class-leading crypto yields through auto-compounding. Second, the project is backed by ,Quint has been — a firm that spans continents and generations, and is listed in the Forbes Global List.

Desire to be part of Quint has now flooded to the mass market as well, with the project’s determination to enable real-world luxury a huge selling point, along with the high crypto returns it offers.

The fact that the project is backed by a team of doxxed whales & billionaires certainly helps. Investors, collectors and enthusiasts are also looking to enter Quint’s super-staking Luxury Raffle Pools to win limited-edition diamond Hublot Big Bang watches, and incredibly valuable NFTs from the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection.

Finally, Quint is recognised as with its founders regularly engaging with the community aunderway.

Quint’s ecosystem currently comprises their super-staking pools, conventional pools, Boutique NFT marketplace, and the $Quint token.

$Quint’s value increases as the ecosystem grows. It has been built with sound tokenomics and an eye towards understanding real-world applications – such as making investors part of real-world real estate investment opportunities through fractional ownership.

Quint’s Bespoke NFT Marketplace is also making waves. Here, using the $Quint token, collectors and connoisseurs across the world will be able to commission bespoke NFT art from the creator/artist of their choice. On request, their one-off art will be delivered to them at their doorstep in Token Frames, specially designed for displaying digital collectables. The team is also creating a library of extreme collectibles that collectors will be able to bid on. Quint’s NFT collection already includes the Nelson Mandela arrest warrant NFT, along with rare NFTs from the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection.

Presale has already commenced on https://quint.io/presale , and the launch date is 21st April 2022 on Pancake Swap.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in the $Quint token, the ecosystem, and the vision of its founders before valuations skyrocket.

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