Calling all nail technicians — stop what you are doing and check out the go-to nail care brand you’ve been waiting for all this time

Depending on how long you have been in the industry, you probably remember the days of dizzying fumes kicked up from nail tables in every salon across America. Well, enter David DiLorenzo, the man behind the first “Source Capture System” that remedied that nasty problem. He went on to create the global online company Valentino Beauty Pure, which is taking the industry by storm. With nearly 575,000 Instagram followers, the e-commerce business offers cutting edge products like gel polish, nail equipment, accessories, tools and more. Expect to be treated like royalty in the West Palm Beach, Florida showroom, training center, and when you take part in one of the many education tutorials. Much more than a brand, Valentino Beauty Pure is an experience, a lifestyle, and a must for any nail technician who wants to remain relevant in today’s ever-changing industry!

There are enticing aspects of Valentino Beauty Pure, starting with the West Palm Beach showroom. The showroom is brightly lit, with a gorgeous high-end aesthetic that appeals to just about anyone. The staff is welcoming and eager to offer respite in one of the luxurious massage chairs. The shelves are colorfully stocked with world-class powders, primers, basecoats, topcoats and polishes. Even the names of products in the collection are tantalizing. Anyone up for trying gel polish in colors such as “Size Matters,” “Topless,” or “Passion?” The products are not only made of the highest-quality raw ingredients, hand-selected by CEO DiLorenzo himself but also just plain fun to browse!

The Valentino Beauty Pure Training Studio offers plenty of “How-to” videos, an invaluable tool for nail technicians wishing to perfect their artistry. Whether you want to learn more on how to do a classy nude set, ombre, or flaking leaves, chances are there is a tutorial to guide you along the way. The Valentino Beauty Pure experts will instruct viewers on performing proper foundation on a nail, creating the elegant white sculpted almond, and everything in between. There is something for every technician in the Training Studio.

So what exactly is DiLorenzo’s main objective with the company, you may wonder. Growing up in the industry, the grandson of a barber and the son of a multi-location salon owner, DiLorenzo was immersed in the salon business since childhood. “I grew up in salons, managed them when I got older and desired to create a premium lifestyle in the nail care realm,” he says. Having conversations with thousands of nail technicians over the years, DiLorenzo knew their plight. They work ten times harder than most professionals, get paid less than they’re worth in many cases, and are not always recognized as real artists, despite epic precision and skill. Therefore, DiLorenzo aimed to step deep into the industry and make a place for technicians to collaborate, network, and access high-quality products and services. Technology, and in particular Instagram, allowed the roof to be blown right off of nail care technicians’ limits.

Through the company’s Instagram, the over half-million followers share comments, suggestions, get their questions answered, and showcase their immense talent through stunning posts. DiLorenzo himself is very upbeat, motivational, and personally connected on the account. “I love connecting with our followers, hearing what they have to say, and even reposting some of their incredible work,” he says. By doing the latter, DiLorenzo is helping rising technicians grown their own businesses.

The website is easy-to-navigate, offering visitors specials, access to tutorial videos, and a range of products that is sure to appeal to anyone. With collections, kits, bundle deals, luxury salon furniture, gift certificates, nail tools, and accessories, Valentino Beauty Pure is truly the definitive guide for nail technicians worldwide.

DiLorenzo has plans to implement a new education platform shortly and has some exciting surprises up his sleeve. Stay tuned in 2021 to see what other flashy, must-have items are coming down the pike.

To learn more about David DiLorenzo and Valentino Beauty Pure, follow his personal and Valentino Beauty Pure Instagram accounts, as well as the website.

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