My Digital Money: Here’s How To Not Pay Taxes On Crypto IRA Investment Gains

Imagine investing in 10 Ethers now. By the time Ethereum hits $10k, you’ll be up $70K. Now, what if I say you don’t have to pay taxes on your gains. Yes, you get to keep $70,000 all to yourself. 


My Digital Money (MDM) makes that possible. 

What is MDM? 

A unique crypto exchange platform that’s beginner-friendly and expert-approved, MDM is the only platform I found that allows you to invest in crypto two ways:  

  • crypto IRA for retirement  
  • cash trading to build wealth

With MDM, there is no need to open multiple accounts on multiple platforms, they do it all in one, keeping your assets safe and your digital wallet working for you! 

Investment Options

MDM is a crypto exchange. A crypto exchange is an online marketplace, or platform, where you can buy, sell and even trade your crypto with other like-minded investors. You can invest your crypto in two ways using MDM: CryptoIRA and Cash Trading. 

CryptoIRA If you have an old IRA or unused 401(K) or want to open a retirement account, you can put some crypto in there. The best part? There are tax advantages.

  • Traditional Crypto IRA: Taxes are deferred until you liquidate. That means you will have more funds to use for other investments. 
  • Roth Crypto IRA: You pay taxes on your investment but won’t pay any on capital gains. 

Cash Trading Some investors prefer timing the market, buying assets when prices are low and selling them when they’re high. They may make money with one asset then move on to the next.

By offering both crypto IRA and cash trading, MDM is a step above competing crypto exchange platforms. This is one of the five reasons MDM is our top choice for investing. 

Customer Support 

Coinbase famously initially blamed its customers’ emails poured in after they were hacked. Instead of assisting their clients, they blamed their clients.  

“Of all the crypto exchanges, we are proud to offer the best US-based phone support. MDM understands that crypto is volatile,” explains Guy Gotslak, President and Founder of MDM. “We want our investors to have the security of knowing they are investing in a company they can talk to anytime.”

By offering US-based phone support, MDM is a step above competing crypto exchange platforms. The fact that we can talk to someone in our time zone at any time of the day without being given the runaround is number two of the five reasons MDM is our top choice for crypto investing. 

Digital Wallet Security

MDM partners with Genesis to provide an unparalleled military-grade security for your cryptocurrency investment. My Digital Money utilizes both hot and cold storage to keep crypto wallets secure. has forged the way in unbreakable digital security by using HSM (Hardware Security Modules) farm cold storage in ex-nuclear military bunkers.

Genesis Custody’s vault risk insurance covers physical loss, damage, destruction or theft of digital assets of up to $600 million to MDM account holders.

The comfort of knowing that there is military-grade security protecting your valuable retirement funds and investments is priceless. 

The fact that MDM goes above and beyond in keeping their clients’ assets safe is number three of the five reasons MDM is our top choice for investing. 

Platform Features

MDM knows that you have a busy life and may not always have the time to keep an eagle eye on a confusing market. By providing the option of auto-order and stop-loss, MDM soars above other investment platforms. For beginners like us, MDM’s platform features are number four of the five reasons MDM is our top choice for investing.

Stop-loss Order MDM has created a stop-loss feature to protect their clients from within. A stop-loss order is an automated order which is placed to sell a specific cryptocurrency once it reaches a certain price. For example, users can set a “stop-loss” order to automatically sell their crypto of choice if the price goes down by 10%, limiting potential losses. 

Trigger Order A trigger-order to sell when the market price goes up by 10%. Whether you’re a crypto newbie just learning how to make your backdoor IRA work for you, or a knowledgeable investor looking for a self directed IRA, MDM will protect your assets and help them to grow without you having to constantly watch over them. Your time is valuable, your crypto exchange platform should be too!

Play Money Account If you’re not sure Crypto trading is for you, or you want to learn the platform and test out trading strategies, My Digital Money’s Play Money Account allows you to make practice trades using actual market movement. No credit card or bank details are required. Just register using your name and email address.

Platform features like stop-loss orders, trigger orders, and play money accounts are reason number four that MDM is our top choice for investing


There is no monthly fee for crypto IRA. Considering they are partnering with Equity Trust, a leader in self directed IRA with more than $30B in assets, this is a huge bonus.  


Learn more at and start building your nest egg with a free NFT or a free $50 that MDM is giving to qualified new accounts. Not only does MDM show they value their clients by helping them jump-start their portfolio, but they also save them money by declining to charge a monthly fee on crypto IRA (while reviewing other websites, we were dismayed to discover that fees like this are commonplace, which is what makes MDM such a diamond in the rough). 

This valuable gift of a free NFT or a free $50 when you fund your account is reason number five out of five that MDM is our top choice for investing. The fact that they don’t charge the industry standard monthly fee on Crypto IRA is the icing on the cake!

The time to start investing is now. No matter if you are a novice who has avoided building your financial security, or an expert who wants the peace of mind of secure, steady gains, My Digital Money is the best crypto investment platform for you. This reviewer gives MDM 10 out of 10!

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