What Is CBN Oil? – Neurogan Guide

In different parts of the globe, cannabis (CBN) and cannabis-related products are beginning to get recognized and legalized at an interesting rate. This is because people have now realized that this industry is a goldmine that has been left untapped for a long period.

Cannabis generally has a lot of benefits to offer consumers, enterprises as well as the government. Recent research has revealed that it carries over 110 cannabinoids with CBN cannabinol being one of the most useful.

In this Neurogan guide, a detailed analysis of CBN and its use cases will be made. All questions relating to this cannabinoid will be answered adequately.

What Is CBN?

CBN is a fat-soluble component that is unique to the cannabis plant. It shares a strong connection with THC (another compound of the medical cannabis plant). This is because CBN is one of the outputs of the degradation of THC and it is slightly intoxicating.

The degradation of THC-A and the subsequent conversion to CBN is made successful via exposure to air. When air comes in contact with TCH for a long period, it will undergo oxidation and become CBN.

Put simply, CBN is the older and tired version of THC. While they are not the same, CBN still carries some elements of THC and they work in similar ways.

A study reveals that CBN is the first cannabinoid to be discovered. Despite this, CBN as a compound of the cannabis plant remains unpopular and fewer studies have been carried out on it.

What Is CBN Oil?

Put in simple terms, CBN oil is the finished and consumable version of CBN. It is a packaged edible product that once taken, gets CBN into the human body. Experts have advised that the best and right way to use CBN oil is by releasing some droplets of it underneath your tongue. Asides from this you can also add to your liquid food.

There are also other forms in which CBN exists other than CBN oil. For those that cannot take the CBN oil, they can take the CBN capsules, CBN Gummies, etc.

CBN Gummies Health Benefits

Like most cannabis compounds, the use cases for CBN are many. The following are some of the widely known uses of CBN Gummies and Oil.

CBN Gummies As Anti-inflammatory:

A study was carried out using rats, and it was evidenced that CBN can be used as an anti-inflammatory for the inflammations caused by arthritis. Inflammations are generally required for the proper functioning of the body, but an excess of them can cause damage to human health. Adequate intake of CBN Gummies can deal with this properly and completely. Cannabinol once in the human body, helps with an anti-inflammatory.

CBN For Appetite Stimulation:

The ‘Munchies’ effect exists as a human reaction to the consumption of THC. A person is said to be experiencing the munchies effect when he or she has enhanced appetite and would usually eat more than usual. For CBN, consumers can experience the munchies effect without having psychoactive reactions like what obtains with THC. A scientist who carried out a study to this effect in 2012 has this to say:

“This is the first time cannabinol (CBN) has been shown to increase feeding. Therefore, cannabinol could, in the future, provide an alternative to the currently used and psychotropic ∆9THC-based medicines since cannabinol is currently considered to be non-psychotropic”

The only possible explanation for this increase in appetite effect is the interaction between CBN and CB1 receptors.

Pain Relief:

Since the process by which CBN exists involves THC, it is not surprising to see that it works as pain relief. It is a fact that cannabis can be effective for killing bones and body pains such as arthritis, muscle spasm, and chronic pain. In the famous CBN study that was done using rats, it was shown that CBN can help relieve joint and muscle pain.


Vasorelaxation refers to the reduction of the tension in the blood vessels wall. For people with health-related conditions such as hypertension, CBN can serve as a vasorelaxant. It fluences proper flow of blood through the body and helps to eliminate blood pressure from some parts.


From this detailed research work, it is clear that cannabinoids generally are linked with epilepsy and seizures as anticonvulsants. In the US and Canada, Cannabis and its compounds have been licensed as an epilepsy treatment. According to the research mentioned above,

”Human studies are limited in number and quality, but suggest that cannabidiol has anticonvulsant effects in adult and infantile epilepsy and is well tolerated after prolonged administration.”

Burn Treatment:

During a process of experimentation with lesser-known variants of the cannabis Sativa, scientists discovered that CBN can be used for burn treatment. CBN has cooling and pain-relieving effects that can be used to reduce burns. By activating the TRPV2 when the body is under high temperature, CBN reduces the body temperature.

Bone Formation:

The human body is wired in such a way that stem cells are naturally generated in the bone marrow to help in the creation of new bone cells. These stem cells can be activated by CBN thus leading to the creation of new bones. The CBN can also be used for healing purposes for people that suffer from bone fractures and dislocation.


This is a rare skin condition whose symptoms include redness, irritation, and swelling of the skin’s scalp. For people that suffer from this skin disease, CBN can help reduce the excess skin growth and skin cells that cause it.

Bacteria Infection:

With an increase in the consumption of prescribed drugs, different antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA have morphed in the human body. A study that involved testing for the effect of cannabinoids on different bacteria found that cannabinol can be helpful in this regard. This study that was done in 2008, experimented with 5 variants of cannabinoids including CBN and found that it has potent antibacterial effects on MRSA.

Brain Health:

In addition to its neuroprotective properties, CBN can also forestall ALS, Alzheimer and other types of neurological conditions. A recent study was conducted and published in the Journal of Molecular Biology and it states that the combination of CBN with THC can reduce oxidative damage as well as prevent loss of energy in the human brain. Even though there aren’t many studies to corroborate the results of the study published in this journal, there appear to be some fragments of scientific truth in it.

CBN Gummies for Sleep Aid

Under the study of CBN, there have been some controversies around the main effort of the cannabis compound. While some studies and scientists posit that CBN can be a sedative, some others have disagreed. An instance is this Forbes article, where scientist Zoe Sigman can be quoted saying the following;

“There is no current information that I am aware of that proves CBN is a sedative, even though it is already being marketed as such.”

However, the opinion that CBN is a sedative and it helps consumers to alleviate their insomnia is more common. Most studies agree that to get CBN to function properly as a sedative it must be combined with some other substance. An example of this is Melatonin which is one of the most famous sleep-inducing substances in the world. A similar result can be achieved when CBD is mixed with CBN.

What is the difference between CBN and CBD?

Both CBN and CBD are born of the same mother which is the cannabis plant but there are some differences between the two compounds.

Aside from the process through which they exist, one major way to differentiate between CBN and CBD is the effect that they have on the human body. This effect is a result of the interaction between cannabinoids and the human endocannabinoid system.

In terms of effects, more studies have shown that CBD has more effects on the body than CBN. CBD has been proven to work as an anti-anxiety and antidepressant. It also helps to fight nausea and seizures. CBN on the other hand is mostly popular as a sleep aid and sedative.

Another way to draw a difference between CBN and CBD is that CBN is the non-intoxicating variant of THC. Hence if you’re craving the ”high” feeling that comes from cannabis your go-to should be CBD and not CBN.

In addition to these, there is a large demand and an equal supply of CBD in the market and this makes them less expensive than CBN. The process of getting CBN also takes time and more effort. All these contribute to the cost, hence the reason why it is more expensive.

How Is CBN Extracted And Produced?

As it has been formerly stated in the article the only way via which CBN can be gotten is through Cannabis plants. For people that are grooming their cannabis at home, it is advisable to push the harvest time of the plant backward to allow them to get as mature as possible. To confirm that they are mature enough, check the color of the plant. Once satisfied, cut off the plants, cure, and try them. To finally arrive at CBN follow the following process:

  • Put your cure jar in storage at a 65% humidity level
  • After some time, poke some holes in the jar to allow for air
  • Look out for the plants often to ensure that it doesn’t get too dried
  • When they are dried just enough, you have your CBN

Is CBN Legal?

The legality of CBN is not so clearly stated in the law. This is first because different states in the US have different positions and laws as regards the use of cannabis plants and their by-products. Hence the smartest thing to do is to confirm what the law says about the intake of marijuana in your state before using it.

As a matter of fact, CBN is not listed amongst the substances permitted for use by the United Nations’ narcotic drugs convention on psychotropic substances. Thus, selling and using CBN might amount to being penalized.

However, it is important to mention that over the years the major bone of contention as regards the legality of cannabis has been the fact that it is intoxicating. Since it has been established scientifically, that CBN doesn’t intoxicate the users, it just might be safe to use it.


In summary, the discovery and subsequent study of cannabinol prove that the cannabis plant is a gift that keeps giving. The world found THC and CBD first, but CBN has a lot of potentials.

CBN removes one of the strongest biases against the cannabis plant which is its ability to intoxicate and strongly affirms the medicinal nature of the plant. With the right amount of research and studies, it is certain that more amazing facts about the cannabis compound will be found.

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