What In The World Is A CBD Moon Rock? — Explaining The World’s Wildest Hemp Flowers

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People immersed in cannabis culture should know what “moon rocks” are. Plus, now that it’s common for hemp vendors to sell this highly-concentrated product, CBD fans are learning about it. While CBD hemp moon rocks look and taste similar to marijuana moon rocks, the two products have wildly different effects.

Just because CBD moon rocks aren’t as psychoactive as traditional weed doesn’t mean customers shouldn’t take care when trying this product. Even CBD moon rocks can have some severe side effects if customers don’t prepare for their first hit.

Hold On A Second, What The Heck Is A Hemp Moon Rock?

For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, here’s a brief rundown on “moon rocks.” Back in the 1990s, a few dispensaries on the West Coast started drizzling the marijuana strain GSC with hash oil and topping it with sifted cannabis trichomes (aka kief). Since these concentrated nugs looked like asteroids — and because they had “sky-high” THC percentages — they earned the nickname “moon rocks.”

Today, there are countless variations on the standard “moon rock recipe,” and those in the hemp industry don’t even bother with high-THC strains. All of the legal CBD moon rocks on reputable hemp sites should have ≤ 0.3 percent THC. However, since CBD moon rocks have extra hemp extract and kief, they will always have a higher CBD percentage than a standard strain. These hemp moon rocks often have a total CBD score of at least 45 percent.

So, Do CBD Moon Rocks Get People High?

Even though CBD moon rocks are potent, they don’t have the “high” effects you’d expect with a THC-laden strain. CBD doesn’t have the intoxicating effects THC-related cannabinoids have. Most recent reports suggest CBD is a THC antagonist, which means it can block THC from landing on the brain’s CB1 receptors.

Instead of feeling “stoned,” CBD moon rocks will probably enhance your average experience of full-spectrum CBD. So, if you tend to feel relaxed after vaping CBD e-juice, you should feel those sensations at a greater level with CBD moon rocks. Also, since CBD tends to get people sleepy at higher concentrations, there’s a greater likelihood you’ll feel sedated while smoking CBD moon rocks.

Are CBD Hemp Moon Rocks Legal In The USA?

CBD moon rocks are super potent, but they aren’t illegal. As long as a CBD moon rock manufacturer ensures their hemp flowers have ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC, they meet the 2018 US Farm Bill’s criteria. Please always get a third-party lab screening to ensure your CBD moon rocks are legit.

Of course, since CBD moon rocks look just like weed, it can look suspicious in states with strict cannabis laws. If the police catch you smoking a CBD moon rock, there’s a chance they may charge you with marijuana use or possession. For this reason, customers must be cautious if they’re smoking or vaping CBD hemp in an area with zero recreational laws.

Why Would Anyone Want A Hemp CBD Moon Rock?

People only buy CBD moon rocks for one reason: extra potency. Whether you add a little bit to your bong or put a pinch into a joint, a CBD moon rock will always add tons of power to your smoking experience. This is fantastic news if you want to feel “super-charged CBD” in a few seconds. Some people also appreciate the extra terpenes and secondary cannabinoids in CBD hemp moon rocks.

Remember that CBD moon rocks aren’t ideal for customers who have zero hemp experience. Ideally, you should already have practice smoking hemp pre-rolls or vaping CBD carts. Without a decent CBD tolerance, you could easily experience side effects like headaches, fatigue, or digestive upset with a CBD moon rock.

Note: You only need a small amount of a CBD moon rock to feel potent effects in your bong or mixed into hemp joints. Please never overdo your first dose.

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