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If there is one thing that Dr. Michael Tran and Floss Dental have in common, it is correcting people’s teeth. Dr. Michael Tran is the owner and operator of Floss Dental and works there as its top dentist. Floss Dental has become one of the top dentistries in the city of Houston.

Today, this dental clinic has almost a dozen clinics in North Texas, with its headquarters in Houston. It is one of the fastest-growing dental brands in the country, so it is no wonder Dr. Michael Tran was able to make a name for himself. There is much more to the popularity of Floss Dental and Dr. Tran.

Everything You Need to Know About Dr. Tran and Floss Dental

Ever since his dental student days, Dr. Tran was fascinated by the knowledge of dentistry. He realized that getting into this field of medicine was a little easier than other medical fields. However, that was not the only reason he decided on dentistry. He has a passion for helping people with their dental problems and he still enjoys learning all about the teeth.

Up-to-date tech and trends

To Dr. Tran, knowledge is everything. This is what he believes that one needs in order to excel in one’s chosen field or career. As he continued his journey of learning about teeth and the procedures that help maintain teeth health, Dr. Tran became excited to learn more about updated dental procedures and the technology that’s involved with them.

That is why Floss Dental is now known for their cutting-edge equipment and facilities, as well as their modern dental procedures. One such example that Floss Dental is known for, even among celebrities, is their Invisalign service. As a matter of fact, this clinic is in the top 1% of Invisalign sellers in the U.S.

The desire to grow and expand

Dr. Michael Tran believes that growing as an individual should be a high priority. It was this mindset that helped him to not only reach success but to also overcome challenging obstacles. Having a firm foundation to remain steadfast amidst storms and great obstacles is crucial when aiming to achieve your dreams. So for Dr. Tran, he always focused on increasing his knowledge.

When he founded Floss Dental, this mindset has become one of the clinic’s valuable missions: expanding and growing. Although, at first, Dr. Tran struggled to maintain only  a couple of offices, it did not prevent him from pressing forward and establishing more branches. As a result of this daring effort, his hard work and consistent effort has paid off.

A bright and hopeful future

They say that a smile is contagious. For Dr. Michael Tran and his Floss Dental clinic, this is surely the case. That is why many of their clients, citizens and celebrities alike, are flocking and returning to his office doors. Both Dr. Tran and his team at Floss Dental are not just excellent dentists, but they also know all about their clients’ needs. So, when it comes to teeth, this is absolutely the place countless people in Houston depend on..

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