What does it Take to be a Global Nutraceutical Company- Clayton Thomas

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Husband, Dad, Competitor, Innovator, Disruptor & Oppositional Defiant are all terms to define the man who Clayton Thomas has become.

His ROOTS have deeply formed his philosophies while his failures have had the greatest impact on his current success. He has learned a simple philosophy from his mentors… FAIL FORWARD!

Clayton’s 40 plus years of experience in and around Integrative Human and Animal Health have shaped his unique background which is the basis for the creation of his healthcare philosophy. Being raised in the smalltown of Rochester, Washington around his parents veterinary practice Clayton learned the keys to success in business. Community is key. Service is crucial. Customers are the life blood of your business. If you take care of people, they will take care of you.

This history, combined with his prior failures and successes are what led him to be introduced to his wife and business partner, Dr. Christina Rahm. It was this intent to create a mechanism which would allow her to create solutions for humanity, and in turn sparked the concept of changing how commerce could be done.

The ROOT Brands social sharing ecosystem is a community-based platform. The focus is on a simple idea to reward people for creating the value which has created trillion-dollar market valuations.

With an intent on creating greatness in all aspects of life, Clayton used his experiences from business development in the health and medical field.  His experiences in sales, marketing, distribution, formulation, manufacturing and clinical consultation have allowed him to create a new paradigm that is taking us back to our ROOTS.

Clayton utilized his wife, Dr. Christina Rahm, to develop the proprietary formula line that is currently being utilized in 67 countries and posed to be in over 100 countries by next year.  Starting with The Trinity Line-Clean Slate, Restore, and Zero-In, The Root Brands has been able to help people with their overall wellness and greatness.

Clayton confesses, “It was hard to run a company by myself. My wife was involved in other business and scientific ventures, so even though she formulated the products, she didn’t join me the first year.  It was when Dr. Rahm and Ted Baker, my other partners joined me, that I was able to really expand and develop the products and business lines.”  Now two years into this partnership, The Root Brand, has expanded by developing, Relive Greens, Natural Barrier Support, and Mitochondria Defense Shield aimed at assisting the body with supporting the immune system and the anti-aging process.   Furthermore, The Root Brands will launch a full line of skincare called, Ella Pure, as well as a detox coffee line called, Rahm Roast.  The future success of wellness and aging is at the ROOT of Mr. Thomas’s foundation. Clayton can be reached at [email protected] or found on www.therootbrands.com.

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