When Kentuckians think about California, we think about Kentucky natives who made it big in Los Angeles — George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence, Harry Dean Stanton, Rajon Rondo, and Ashley Judd come to mind. (We also claim Anthony Davis and Frank Vogel.)

When Californians think about Kentucky, you might imagine Derby parties and bourbon bottles. And its true, Kentucky makes better bourbon and raises faster horses than anywhere else on Earth.

And these days, Californians are starting to respect Kentucky for our cannabis, too. Thats because Kentucky cannabis grows from the same soil and water that make our bourbon and horses superior to their world-class counterparts.

Californias growing love for Kentucky cannabis is why Kentuckys next rising star is Cornbread Hemp. Founded by born-and-bred Kentuckians, Cornbread Hemp is the maker of the strongest CBD oils to be USDA certified organic.

Sure, every L.A. dispensary offers cannabis products that contain a much higher level of THC than the hemp we grow in Kentucky. But theres one thing you cant find in any dispensary: the USDA organic seal. For anyone who expects their cannabis products to achieve the highest standards of quality, safety, and sustainability, there is no substitute for a USDA certified organic CBD oil made from Kentucky-grown hemp.

What makes Cornbread Hemp so special? 

First, Kentucky is one of the best places to grow cannabis because it sits on the 37th parallel. Across the Pacific, the 37th parallel crosses the Hindu Kush, where all indica strains originated. Therefore, cannabis plants love the natural light cycles of Kentucky. (In California, the 37th parallel cuts a line from Death Valley to Santa Cruz.)

Second, Cornbread Hemps entire supply chain is USDA certified organic from farm to label. Their organic hemp flowers are extracted using organic sugarcane ethanol and then blended with organic MCT coconut oil to make Cornbread Hemp’s unique Whole Flower and Distilled formulas of cannabis oil.

Third, their flower-only extraction process guarantees that Cornbread Hemps Whole Flower CBD Oil tastes just like cannabis flowers, not bitter and grassy like whole plant” CBD oils. Cornbread Hemp never uses cover flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives — because they dont need to.

Fourth, the origin of the name Cornbread” comes from the Cornbread Mafia,” a group of Kentucky outlaw cannabis growers busted in the 1980s. Police in 10 states arrested 70 Kentucky men on 30 different farms with 200 tons of marijuana — the biggest domestic marijuana syndicate in American history. Theres a lot of CBD companies out there, but none with an authentic brand story like Cornbread.

Fifth, we have 250 years of Kentucky cannabis history. Farmers have been growing hemp in Kentucky since 1775. And we never stopped, even when it wasnt legal. Now, Cornbread Hemp carries on that tradition.

Finally, with a CBD-to-THC ratio of 25-to-1, Cornbread Hemp claims their Whole Flower CBD oil is the strongest cannabis oil available in America to be USDA certified organic.

But dont take their word for it. 

Across L.A. from Santa Monica to Pasadena, and along the coast from the Bay Area down to San Diego, real Californians are choosing Cornbread Hemp from Kentucky over California cannabis.

Here are a few real reviews from verified Cornbread Hemp customers who live in southern California. They could walk into any dispensary and get whatever they want, but instead they order Cornbread Hemp from Kentucky. Why would they do that? Because they know.

Clean, pure, and smooth

I researched all the companies and all the products before settling on Cornbread, and Im so glad I did. Zero pesticides, zero additives, and an attitude of sustainability toward every link in the production chain. I couldnt be happier with this product and with its distilledsister.”

— Alethea from Santa Monica

Great first time purchase

This is the first time I’ve purchased CBD from Cornbread and the product is great and very effective. I’m moving a lot easier and the taste is better than many others I’ve tried so I’m looking forward to coming back and purchasing again. The speed with which it showed up was also impressive. Great product and service so I’ll be back for more!”

— Jason from Sunland

Great lotion

Nice smell, goes on super smooth. Helped with my dry hands.”

— Anna from Santa Barbara

I work in CBD manufacturing

Even though Cornbread doesn’t work with us I wanted to give them props. They care about quality more than anything else. Absolutely great products and even better people. I will be a customer for life.”

— Neil in San Diego

When you order Cornbread Hemp before noon California time, your USDA certified organic CBD products will ship the same day from their headquarters in Louisville. Quick delivery, great customer service, and the best full spectrum CBD oil in America — thats the Cornbread Hemp commitment.

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