Songs are enjoyed because of the rhythm, but they also serve a purpose through the meaning of the lyrics. There are stories and messages with emotions so extreme that mere words aren’t enough to get the whole idea across. That is where music comes into the scene. One of the best ways to get something heartfelt and remembered is by delivering it through a song, and B3t On Yours3lf knows that very well.

B3t On Yours3lf, or B.O.Y. as others prefer to call it, is a female hip-hop group composed of AK, Charlie, and Porsha. The talented trio triggered the attention of around 1.3 million people on YouTube with their first single, They Like, only months after its release. The song has a captivating tune that people can’t help but groove to. Adding the three female rappers’ vocals on top of that brings out its full potential.

The Message of B.O.Y.’s Song in They Like

Behind the catchy rhythm and mesmerizing vocals lies B.O.Y.’s message to women. It was also a struggle for them to emerge as rappers on top in a male-dominated industry. It’s not that often you hear hip-hop girl groups, and fewer are given the spotlight. Nonetheless, the members believed in their talents and power as women to rise above other rappers in the business.

Remind women that they are their own bosses

For the B.O.Y.s, they believe that men should stop thinking that they can control women. They should not be the ones telling girls who they should be and what they should do. The B.O.Y.’s song, They Like, is a reminder that women are their own bosses. No man has the privilege of dictating their choices and identities, and they should break free from the shackles themselves.

The whole song is delivered with an assertive tone to further emphasize the strengths of a woman. They know what boys like, but only they hold the decision of how to follow their hearts. For that reason, women shouldn’t be at the beck and call of men but instead, move according to their own terms.

Encourage women to stand up for themselves

No longer do women have to shape themselves according to society’s standards of what they should be: demure and reserved. Behind the mask that they are forced to wear is a loud voice that deserves to be heard. Women can be opinionated, and they should be given a chance to be understood. It’s time they show their true colors and fight against the shackles that tie them down.

Tell women that they deserve to stand on top

AK, Charlie, and Porsha are very familiar with this experience. For a long time, the hip-hop scene has been the space where male rappers rule. While there are now  numerous female artists rocking the genre, it is undeniable that women still have it harder to make their mark on the industry. However, in no way does that mean that female rappers don’t have what it takes to make it big in the hip-hop scene.

That is why in B3t On Yours3lf’s song, the rappers want to deliver a message to women that they can have a place on the top. They shouldn’t let the norms limit their potential and instead use their identity as strong women to emerge as successful persons in their fields.

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