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Cannabidiol continues to become more and more popular among sportspeople, and for good reason. This hemp component has several properties that make it effective in treating the kinds of conditions that athletes frequently encounter. Some of these issues are different sorts of pain, inflammation, headaches, anxiety and mental depression. So, if you are an athlete, you might wish to know many pieces of information about the substance derived from industrial hemp. Keep reading for some different things you perhaps wish to know regarding CBD for athletes.

Not Every Sporting Event Or Sports Association Allows CBD’s Use

There are several sporting events in the world, including the National Football League, the NBA, and Major League Baseball. While these three sports leagues have recently permitted the utilization of cannabidiol, it remains a banned substance in several other events. This is perplexing because the US federal law allows the use of a product with 0.3% THC and high CBD for sportspeople.

This ban is largely due to the stigma around cannabis, and because cannabidiol was once banned in the US. Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive and usually safe substance sourced from industrial hemp. Anyhow, the source plant of it is also scientifically referred to as cannabis sativa. When people hear cannabis sativa, they think of the psychoactive plant namely cannabis. The similarity in the names of these plants does not mean that both are the same. Cannabis sativa will only contain up to 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol. On the other hand, cannabis will have more THC than hemp.

Therefore, cannabis is banned in many sporting events, even as hemp CBD’s use remains permissible in others. Knowing this piece of information can make or break your career in sports. This would apply even if you are just a member of a sports team’s support staff or training staff. For instance, the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission recently penalized a trainer after his horse’s result of the test for CBD turned out to be positive. If you wish not to get into this kind of a situation, just know what rules apply in your specific sporting event.

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Traveling With Cannabidiol

As an international athlete or sportsperson, you are likely to have much traveling to do. This may not apply in the coronavirus pandemic period, but international travels are soon expected to return to how these used to be in the past. In that future period, you must not be unaware of cannabis transportation-related rules and regulations.

With several countries dealing with changing cannabis laws, these matters are potentially confusing for people planning on traveling with CBD goods. Anyhow, you must make the effort to know what rules and regulations apply in the nation you will go to. This means it is vital to confirm that cannabidiol is legally allowed in that country. If it is not allowed there, and you visit the nation with a CBD product, its government would confiscate that item or would penalize you.

Most nations in Europe permit the utilization of cannabidiol products with only up to 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol. You must also consider the legislation of the place you will travel through to reach another country. For instance, if airport authorities catch you when traveling through Dubai with cannabidiol, then you could face significant penalties. As you might expect, this is likely to happen at that time because cannabidiol is illegal in Dubai.

Even if you will go to or travel through nations where it is legal, you must know how much CBD you can possess then. The last thing you would want is for law enforcement people to catch you with slightly more CBD than what is legally allowed for travelers there.

Another important thing to keep in mind when traveling is the form of CBD product that you will possess. If it is just an over-the-counter (OTC) product, you would not have any CBD-specific paperwork to carry. Otherwise, you would have to keep a prescription from the doctor for that particular medical marijuana product.

It Is No Performance Boosting Supplement

Sportspeople tend to experience inflammation and pain in their muscles, especially after long workout sessions. This is the kind of situation where CBD could just come in handy. This hemp component has anti-inflammatory properties. This means you could ease inflammation of the overworked tissues with CBD.

Cannabidiol can help you with several other health issues. So, it can have an effect on how well you perform in the form of sports you take part in. This means there exists a tenuous connection between your CBD use and performance. Anyhow, you cannot think of it as a performance enhancer, like steroids for instance.

Some sportspeople consume steroids for increasing the strength and mass of their muscles. Unlike these products that are not legal in the US, the effects of cannabidiol belong more to the ‘therapeutic’ category.


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