Well Hello is a great pickup line, isn’t it? It’s the line I first used on my wife. It reminds me of the Beatles song, “I don’t know why you say goodbye I say hello.” 

It’s also the first line I belt out whenever we’re trying to pick up some girl at a bar to…well, let’s just say, go go go! 

Yes, we are swingers. And we like using free sites and a few pay dating sites to find dates. Frankly, it’s less stressful and embarrassing if everyone knows that about us immediately. Then we don’t have to hint around, send signals, or flirt weirdly. We all just sort of know and we can say all sorts of awkward things like, “Hey want to share a king-sized bed tonight?”

Long story short, I heard about WellHello and was particularly intrigued that it was advertised as a swinger’s dating site. I had only come across (no pun intended!) a few swinger dating apps that were very similar to Tinder. I found them all sort of OK, but nothing too groundbreaking. 

As I am a curious fellow, and so is my wife (wink wink) we decided to check out WellHello, to see if it was a legitimate thing, and how the swinger community was over there.

What we found was…well, more a case of goodbye then hello. In this WellHello review, I’ll list some things I liked and a longer list of things I wasn’t feeling too hot about by the end of the experience.

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What’s Special About WellHello?

WellHello actually advertises itself as a swingers site for singles as well as couples. And unlike a few other sites I’ve encountered, it does actually have an option for signing up as a couple. Very important. It’s ridiculous to have a site that caters to swingers and yet doesn’t provide a way to enter as a couple. 

The Best Features

WellHello actually does have an attractive presentation and is worth checking out, given that you get a free preview of how things work. 

Signup is Easy

I am at least relieved to say WellHello com performed well on sign up. I just entered my email address and jumped into the browsing area.

No email verification was required to use the browser. The site didn’t even bother me for a photo, it just led me into the unfiltered member listings based on location. 

Being located in a major city, I certainly found a large number of friendly faces, both male and female, and best of all, couples as well as singles. 

Member Browsing

I was intrigued at photos of a lingerie-clad woman who was supposedly two miles away. She had a couple of public photos as well as some private photos that were locked for the time being. 

Her profile was a bit short and generic, however, even though I did appreciate the “looking for” field, which let me know what she was into in terms of straight, bisexual, and pansexual, and all that jazz. She also included some of her kinks which was a nice touch. 

I noticed options to contact her, send a message, flirt, or add her as a friend. 

Of course, I was not allowed to send a message for free. Clicking contact took me to a signup page. However, I was able to add my new crush to my favorites list. 

I could also browse by latest photos added, which was handy since I would know who was most recently active on the site. The “Hotties Nearby” list was also a nice touch.

Searching Profiles

While I was impressed with the listings of kinks and preferences, the search field was a bit bland. I could only change the age range, location range, and whether you want to meet a male or female – or both if you want a couple, or at least I guess that was the point. 

In short, the search feature was not that impressive at all. There were also ads all over the site, directing me to off-site cam girls and other dating sites I had no real interest in. 

WellHello App Reviews

The WellHello app offers the option of both Apple and Android operating systems. These free apps, however, only provide notifications, profile visitors, messages, and other simple features. You must still sign up for a membership the same way, though the app does offer faster loading and a more streamlined approach. 

The Cost of a WellHello Reviewed

To the site’s credit, the $1 trial is tempting for the average user. A dollar will buy you a candy stick or you know, an e-novel, or something else comparably cheap. For one dollar you get unlimited site access, including the ability to message members, share photos, see private photos (if the other person allows it), and video chat. 

If you decide that the preview is enticing, you can then select $24.95 a month or make a deal for $7.45 a month if you sign for an entire year. 

All in all, WellHello seems like a great deal, at least on the business side. 

The problem is in the community itself. 

Is WellHello the Swinger Heaven You’re Looking For?

The only real incentive to pay for WellHello is for a swinger meetup. However, my hot wife and I were disappointed at the number of obvious spammers that we found. A lot of profiles that wrote to us were not even convincing as human beings. They just encouraged us to sign a monthly membership option, even though we just paid a dollar.

Hey, I’m not cheap! I like to tip lots of dollars if you catch my drift. But the number of spambots, or shall we say imitation profiles, was just laughable. 

Finally, there was one person that seemed to be the real thing. A cute attached woman that wanted to meet up. I was cool with it but my wife was the first one to say, “She looks like an escort.”

And while I was debating the moral implications of whether I should pay for sex, my wife decided to research the site a little closer…

Only to discover that this attached woman was not only an escort but a borrowed picture of an escort that was ripped off from other dating sites. 

This just crushed my enthusiasm for this entire dating site. I tried to start conversations with up to 20 different people and found only two people that seemed self-aware and intelligent, and those conversations didn’t amount to a single date.

I can’t speak for others in saying this was a total scam but as far as dating websites go, it was no eHarmony. Not even a Tinder quality rip-off site.


  • A very fun site, easy to browse, and promising
  • 1$ trial is a great deal
  • Swinger matching sounds cool, right?


  • Nonexistent swinger community
  • Not many married ladies looking for sex
  • Even my hot wife thought it was lame

Final Review: Is WellHello a Legit Site?

WellHello seduced me like a MILF seduces an innocent young college boy, at least with the idea. But to be honest, the site was total c**k tease in the end. The online dating site, while it was well built and designed, did not have a thriving community as I hoped for.

It wasn’t very accommodating to couples, and so not that much use to a swinger like me and my lovely hot wife. My Wellhello com review is negative because of the lack of a user base.

Sadly, I must say Goodbye to WellHello. It’s not a site for swingers, or single dudes, or much of anyone unless you dig spambot orgies. 

A Better Alternative

While it’s not very classy of me to bad mouth one site and recommend a better site…I’m still going to be a petty bastard and say…

  • Seeking is much better for finding wild college women who actually want threesomes 
  • And Ashley Madison has way more swingers than WellHello does
  • Even Reddit has a thriving swinging community in comparison


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