If you’ve been curious about incorporating CBD into your daily routine, you’re not alone. Finding the right time to take CBD can take some trial and error, but many are finding daily CBD use has many benefits. Not only does it promote a sense of clarity, a positive mood, and elevates your energy, but it also helps to support your immune system. CBD is also non-psychoactive, making it an appealing option for anyone looking for relief without feeling tired. While you may be unsure about CBD use or which products to try, LIVIT Wellness is here to help. They’re a brand designed by science and inspired by nature with products to lead an active lifestyle. LIVIT is truly dedicated to ensuring all of their products are responsibly sourced from organic means and strive to deliver the cleanest, most pure superfoods products possible.

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In the morning, wake up your mind with LIVIT’s Keto Creamer. If you tend to have those groggy mornings you just can’t shake, this may be the perfect thing. You never know what the day is going to bring on, consuming CBD in the morning can help by engaging with receptors in the brain and promote relaxation in response to moments of unease. LIVIT’s creamer contains a unique Non-Dairy, Keto friendly, Non-GMO blend of superfood ingredients designed to optimize your cognitive performance. It’s the perfect way to fuel your mind and elevate your mental clarity while giving your coffee a healthy and natural boost. This coffee creamer will have you feeling ready for that morning meeting or workout.

Much like exercise, CBD helps to promote a healthy state of balance in the mind. RECHARGE and recover from the grind with LIVIT’s Superfoods complex blend to promote hydration and recovery. Use it post-workout to rejuvenate your body after that sweat session. RECHARGE is infused with Ocean Minerals, Coconut Water, Potassium, Pink Himalayan Salt, Vitamin B & C, Magnesium as well as the electrolytes your body craves for hydration and muscle fatigue. 

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Can’t seem to fall asleep after your long day? Wind down with Sleep Support, an all-natural blend of calming ingredients to promote a relaxing and stress-free sleep. If you’re looking for a way to relax your mind and body after a big day, CBD is a great choice in the evening. CBD can help inspire feelings of tranquility and relaxation, giving you that “off switch” to prepare you to retire for the evening. The human body does most of its rebuilding and recovery at night. Sleep is all natural and promotes sleep through relaxation.Try stacking Sleep Support and Joint Support together before bed for optimal recovery and relaxation during the most important part of the body’s recovery cycle. This dynamic duo will help rebuild and protect your joints while fighting enzymes that break down cartilage.

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Not only does LIVIT partner with quality suppliers, they also perform tests to certify the nutrition facts as well as validate the vitamin and mineral label claims. All products are extensively tested and internationally certified by the Nutrasource International Cannabinoid Analysis Program (ICAP). They’ve taken these formulas one step further by adding newly approved Hemp Extracts that complement these proven ingredients with the powers of Hemp to jump start your day. By using only the most sought-after, natural ingredients they are embracing all this planet has to offer. Natural performance, natural recovery, natural feel good. Finally, a superfood supplement designed for athletes and masterfully crafted to support an active lifestyle. 

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