Firing the Principal

Last week's cover story, about the Special Forces operative who helped lead the charge against a principal at Watts' Weigand Elementary, had readers raving (“The Warriors of Parent Trigger,” by Jill Stewart). Allan Barnes writes, “Jill Stewart's piece on school-reform struggles in Watts is the sort of priceless, in-depth investigative journalism that is endangered in this era of fake news about celebrity wardrobe malfunctions. Education is about the future. The future is very important. The future cannot be postponed. Thank you.”

Rbettelman adds, “Truly inspirational! Finally someone is looking out for kids instead of bureaucracy.”

But 2beautytruth is a skeptic. “Let's see Parent Revolution roll up their sleeves and help on campus, preparing new principals and supporting teachers. It's one thing to oust a principal, but what about true help? Or are they just planning on destroying until no one will risk working in our schools? By the way, the people who look out for the kids are at schools right now all over the city today, providing them with care; they are principals and teachers. Parent Revolution does not interact with children — they have no idea what it takes.”

Firefighters Fight Back

Hillel Aron's Aug. 9 piece about the changing role of the Los Angeles Fire Department initially earned kudos from readers (“The Red-and-White Taxi Service”). But in recent days, the hate mail has far overshadowed those early raves. Ann Smith, for one, thinks Aron has “some nerve.” She writes, “You are a horrible example of a so-called 'writer.' Why are you bashing a profession whose members are risking their lives every day? You think they make too much money? You must be jealous.

“You're a sorry excuse for a writer, and you have some nerve talking about firefighters like that. Jerk. Find another profession. Maybe you should sweep the streets; that seems about your talent level.

Nasty, right? But at least she put her name on it; here's an anonymous screed from someone claiming to be a firefighter. (We've corrected the spelling and grammar to keep it coherent.) “Honestly, you don't know what the fuck you're talking about,” Anonymous writes. “You think after riding with firefighters you are a fucking expert about what is going on with the LAFD, or the men and women who make up the LAFD? All you did was try to sensationalize your article with a bunch of incorrect facts and opinions. You are scum in the world of writers. You won't realize that now, but one day you will look back and discover you are a piece-of-shit gossip columnist just trying to get a momentary pat on the back.

“Next time you want to visit a fire station, just keep on walking. But if you ever need us and call 911, guess what? We will be there doing the best as always, no matter what little man needs help.”

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