In order to form the most perfect session, establish the best ways to elevate 2024, and ensure domestic tranquility, we convene on the 20th of April to exercise our pursuit of happiness with a communal ignition of liberty. Much like the Constitution lays the foundation for laws and rights, 420 lays a blanket of unity over stoners everywhere. It’s a day when the ‘smoke of the people’ rises in a peaceful assembly, celebrating not just a plant, but a symbol of shared values and culture. 62% of Californians believe Proposition 64 has had a positive impact on the state (DCC). We weeded through the fruits of that growing opinion and found the best ways to pursue your perfect session on 420.

#1 Don Perico ◭ @_donperico

2024 LA Weekly 420 Don Perico 1 1

Don Perico is the creation of Cesar Guzman and William Quiros. Their shared vision was to craft cannabis products that not only met the highest quality standards but also echoed the flavors and experiences of their community. The result is a range of solventless live rosin products that truly embody their motto, Nuestro Sabor. Nostalgic Latin flavors like Chamoy and Tamarindo are highlighted in gummies and Aguas Frescas, while their vape pens boast tropical strains like Banana Punch and Watermelon Z. Don Perico embodies the spirit of social equity in the cannabis industry. It’s a nod to the strength of community and a celebration of Latin culture.

Try This:

Don Perico Tamarindo y Mango Chamoy live rosin gummies are the tastiest way to get through the day, and the all-in-ones combine the best strains for smooth, live rosin vaping.

#2 The DART Company@thedartco

2024 LA Weekly 420 The DART Co

Anthony Nguyen thinks we all deserve a better, more convenient way to enjoy fresh greens. He founded The DART Company in 2018, and has since created a brand that offers Ultramodern Design for Herb Consumption. Designed to be used (and seen) together, The DART Company pipes, canisters, lighters, and cases seamlessly blend together in your hands and on your shelf to provide the ultimate smoking experience.

Try This:

Designed with The DART Company’s patented ash-ejection button and filter system, the Titanium DART Pro is everything you ever wanted in a pipe, distilled in sleek, medical-grade titanium.

#3 Hemper@hemperco

2024 LA Weekly 420 Hemper

Hemper is the go-to online headshop. They have custom boxes that come to you each month to replenish your sesh supply, or you can browse through their website for that one accessory that you didn’t know you needed. Hemper is known for their innovative and fun glassware that range from whimsical to nostalgic. Monthly Hemper boxes include a fun themed bong, bowl, and all the accessories to make your next sesh the best sesh.

Try This:

Hemper’s Gummy Bear Bong is like smoking out of our favorite gummy treat! Whisper your wishes for more weed as you smoke from its ear.

#4 XVape@xvape_vaporizer

2024 LA Weekly 420 XVAPE

Founded by a passionate group of vaporizer enthusiasts and engineers over a decade ago, XVAPE has earned its stripes. The brand has garnered awards including the Best Original Electronic Dab Rig, and the Most Outstanding Dry Herb Vaporizer. But it’s not just about accolades; XVAPE’s philosophy centers on inclusivity. They believe that everyone deserves access to premium vaporizers without breaking the bank. XVAPE prioritizes performance, purity, and affordability, and aims to provide an unparalleled vaping experience accessible to all.


Try This:

The Cheech and Chong Mambo dry herb vaporizer powered by XVAPE is perfect for on-the-go. It’s small but packs a punch and it heats up quickly, so you can enjoy a puff of your favorite herb whenever and wherever you like.

#5 Nasha Extracts@nashaextracts

2024 LA Weekly 420 Nasha

By harnessing the Humboldt County region’s unique microclimate and rich soil, Nasha Extracts not only honors the legacy of traditional hash-making but also elevates it to new heights. Founder Barron Lutz spent years immersed in the traditional Indian method of hash-making and brought his knowledge and love of hash back to California. Nasha works with some of the best craft farms in the Emerald Triangle to extract their solventless products from carefully curated cultivars.

Try This:

Nasha’s live rosin all-in-one vapes feature a ceramic chamber for even heat in a rechargeable pen. This convenient, pocket-sized device delivers the flavors and aromas of Nasha live rosin.

#6 Eighth Brother@eighthbrother

2024 LA Weekly 420 Eighth Brother

Eighth Brother was founded in 2017 by second-generation cannabis farmers to help every person experience the power and potency of cannabis-derived products. The expert family farmers growing Eighth Brother are committed to natural farming methods, utilizing clean mountain air and zero harmful pesticides or herbicides. The Mendocino sun provides pre-rolls, grams, gummies, and – of course – eighths.

Try This:

Eighth Brother’s GG4 6 pre-roll pack comes with an Eighth Brother case and 6 Full Gram pre-rolls. Because sometimes you need a pre-roll, sometimes you need six…

#7 The Standard Cannabis Co.@thestandardcannabisco

2024 LA Weekly 420 The Standard by Farmdale

The Standard Cannabis Co. specializes in pre-rolls, solventless hash rosin, extracts, and expertly curated strains. Each item is a result of meticulous craftsmanship and sustainable practices, ensuring an experience that’s not just about enjoyment, but also about trust and responsibility. As an LA-based brand, The Standard Cannabis Co. is excited to bring premium products to the local cannabis scene. They believe in creating products that elevate your experience and enhance your lifestyle.

Try This:

The Standard’s Hash Flight is an ice water hash infused preroll with custom reusable fast cooling ceramic tip. 1.2 grams of flower infused with .3 grams of ice water hash.

#8 Session Goods@sessiongoods

2024 LA Weekly 420 Session Goods Original

Launched in 2018 by designers Vinh Pho and Esther LeNoir Ramirez, Session Goods redefined elegance with their award-winning Bong, a chic twist on a classic. The Los Angeles-based company produced their iconic Bong with a minimalist design that embodies their motto: We make elegant weed stuff. As a proud women & AAPI-owned brand, they’re also active in the Floret Coalition, fostering equity and community support. They’re not just making accessories, but curating experiences for tranquility and pleasure.

Try This:

The bright orange Horizon Bong was inspired by the afternoon sun on a hot desert road. Perfect for Summer road tripping.

#9 CaliHash@calihash.la

2024 LA Weekly 420 Calihash

Michael Domecq created CaliHash in 2017 with the motto “Hash for the Culture!” The company’s core philosophy is to educate consumers and offer a vast range of solvent-free hash products, including Bubble, Pressed Ice Water, and strain-specific infused pre-rolls. Their Raw CaliHash is produced with a vacuum freeze-drying technique to ensure freshness and preserve trichome structure. CaliHash believes hash is for everyone who wants to experience the full history and benefits of the plant.

Try This:

CaliHash is launching an all-in-one vape pen for 420. Using AVD ceramic hardware with No-Burn Technology™, CaliHash live hash rosin can deliver “Hash for the Culture!”

#10 Al Capone@alcaponemyway

2024 LA Weekly 420 Al Capone

Al Capone Cigar’s parent company was started in 1873. The Al Capone brand exudes an air of sophistication and intrigue that is ready to light up solo or with friends at events! Roll with the culture and check out the Al Capone website where you can stay up to date with their current promos, join their loyalty program, personalize songs, follow their event calendar and explore the variety of products they have to offer. With the motto “Real. Not ‘Perfect’” the natural tobacco leaf wraps have a slow burn for the perfect smoking experience.

Try This:

All of Al Capone’s leaf wraps are perfect for rolling blunts any day of the year. You can pair their flavors (Cognac, Rum, or Original) with your terps for the ultimate high taste.

#11 REVELRY@revelrysupply

2024 LA Weekly 420 REVELRY

REVELRY was created in 2015 by a crew of cannabis-friendly outdoor enthusiasts in Santa Cruz, California. The company is committed to enhancing the cannabis lifestyle with a range of products from smell-proof, high-tech, high-style gear and smoking kits, to cannabis flower and pre-rolls through their REVELRY Herb Company. REVELRY products are travel-ready for the adventurous cannabis consumer to “Live Off the Clock.”

Try This:

REVELRY’s Monstera Pipe Kit takes your summer sesh even higher. The tropical print padded, smell-proof, and lockable kit holds a glass spoon pipe, hemp 2-piece grinder, and pipe tool.

#12 Blazy Susan@blazysusan

2024 LA Weekly 420 Blazy Susan

Will Breakell’s spark of an idea for organizing his stash has ignited a full line of Blazy Susan smoking accessories. Since the first spinning rolling tray debuted in 2017, the lineup of products has grown to include everything you need for an epic smoke sesh, no matter your consumption preferences.

Try This:

Blazy Susan’s Classic Pen Battery gives you total control of your hits. They fit the standard 510 thread carts, have a full LED screen, and three voltage settings, so you can blaze in style.

#13 LITTO@itslitto

2024 LA Weekly 420 LITTO

On a mission to destigmatize negative perceptions of cannabis and its users, LITTO was founded in January of 2023 and is dedicated to profoundly positive cannabis experiences. With the motto: #LiveaLITTO, the brand encourages people to live life to the fullest – however they desire. Their product lineup includes THC Vape Pens, including Live Resin and Exotics in a variety of strains. With rechargeable All-in-One Devices, LITTO Cannabis delivers a positive, high-quality experience that suits any mood.

Try This:

Live a LITTO with LITTO’s live resin all-in-ones. The full gram of live resin is available in Legend OG, Papaya, Shmac 1, White Runtz, and Watermelon Z strains.

Let it be known that on this day, the ‘high’ ideals of freedom and camaraderie are not just written on parchment but puffed in the air, carrying the essence of liberty from sea to shining sea.

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