The people over at Rad aren’t kidding: Super Crack lives up to its name. This sativa is the perfect party starter, guaranteed to kick your night into high gear. One hit of this fresh-tasting vape, and your energy will skyrocket, instantly making you the life of the party.

Super Crack is an extremely sociable strain. It’ll make you more talkative and confident with everyone around you. Share it with your friends, and you might have some of the best long talks of your life.

Super Crack from Rad; Credit: Bo Hakala

Super Crack from Rad; Credit: Bo Hakala

If day smoking is your kind of thing, this strain is your go-to as well. It allows you to maintain focus on the things that need doing while still bumping up creativity levels and helping maintain that spirited goodness. Be respectful of the people around you, though: They might not want to chat nearly as much as you will.

If you’re looking for a chill night at home, you’re going to want to look elsewhere. Too much time sitting in one place is going to leave you restless and impatient. But for those looking to get out and have a good time, Super Crack is something you can count on all night long.

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