Heavy Hitters prides itself on being the first to put oil in a vape cartridge and, based on the taste and experience of its products, it's clearly right to do so. This brand name is no joke. Even with its Pineapple Express Hybrid strain clocking in at 81 percent THC, we were impressed by how hard it hit.

With Pineapple Express, of course, you expect it to taste good, and this does not disappoint. An excellent hybrid, the oil provides a nice combination of body and mind high. It has the ability to boost your mood while bringing your body into a much more peaceful state. This strain is the perfect end-of-the-day comedown from a long day at the office or doing whatever it is you do.

While we wouldn’t recommend turning to this one when you’re trying to get stuff done, the Pineapple Express still allowed us a good amount of focus, and it isn’t likely to totally couch-lock you for the evening.

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