A name like HoneyVape sounds like a lot to live up to but this brand does not disappoint. The product's tastes and smells are nothing short of sweet. If you're looking to try it out, the Sour Diesel cartridge is a great place to start.

A solid sativa-dominant hybrid, this strain can work for what you need. While some of our tasters reported an increase in motivation and energy, others experienced more sedative effects. The oil seems to take on how you're feeling in the moment and elevate it, making it a good jack-of-all-trades choice. Its THC content is 76.5%, with CBD at 0.15%.

Low-tolerance cannabis users beware, though, as this one may take you straight into the sedated zone. While the oil is thick and therefore could pose an issue while pulling, HoneyVape's pen has a preheat feature that solves that problem nicely, resulting in a full vapor cloud and a swift response in both body and mind. honeyvape.buzz.

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