The mission of Henry's Original is to provide quality cannabis in the support of freedom and celebration of American revolution — most important, the cannabis revolution. Lofty mission aside, this is a company with a unique brand, and its CBD Ritual 20:1 strain is an unusual product, since a CBD-based flower isn't the easiest to find on the market.

Because of its CBD focus, Ritual is a good choice for those not looking for a foggy head high. For experienced smokers, this will be a solid option for social smoking rituals of their own, as they'll be able to smoke this for a while without feeling like they've gone too far.

Overall, Mendocino-grown Ritual feels clean all the way through. It is easy and smooth to take in, with a sweet taste and thick smoke, and will provide a mellow, clear high that still allows smokers to maintain focus and not miss out on the experience.

On top of its product, the company knows how to maintain its brand, with simple but tasteful packaging that sticks to its old-school California farmer aesthetic. Pick up their wares in prepackaged eighth-ounce jars of flower or in a box of pre-rolls. Check out their website for more information and some attractive images of the farm's locale.; THC: 0.64%; CBD 12.89%

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