Weaving Dreams Into Word: How Hungarian Born Author, S.G. Blaise, Has Become An Award-Winning Indie Author In America

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S.G. Blaise, a talented author with a rich Hungarian heritage, embarked on a journey that began with a childhood dream. At the age of ten, Blaise had a nightmare that ignited her passion for storytelling. She seized the opportunity to read her stories to her classmates, setting the stage for her future as a writer.

Upon moving to the United States in 2001, Blaise faced the challenge of mastering the English language. Over a decade of dedication and practice, her fluency improved. During a visit to Austria, jetlag gave birth to a dream that would become the foundation of her writing career. Blaise knew immediately that this dream held the key to multiple books.

While she realized her storytelling potential, the path to becoming a published author was not without hurdles. Doubts about the complexities of publishing swirled in her mind, but she silenced them with a powerful mantra: “Stop complaining and sit down to write your book.”

This relentless journey led to the birth of her first book, and it marked the beginning of a long-lasting series that would enthrall readers. Blaise’s writing style is a testament to her meticulous planning. She dedicates three to six months to collecting hundreds of notes and creating a solid foundation for her narratives. Afterward, she devotes 19 days to writing and an additional 180 days to intricate planning.

Awards and Recognition

S.G. Blaise’s dedication has not gone unnoticed. Her debut book garnered an impressive 29 awards and honors, including the grand prize at Chanticleer. Each subsequent book in her series received 17 awards, and her sales remain consistently strong.

Moreover, she has expanded her reach by participating in events like San Diego Comic-Con and WonderCon. Attendees have been captivated by her books, with many readers starting the second book on the very next day after discovering her series. These interactions with readers have not only fostered her growth as an author but have also resulted in heartwarming experiences.

What Lies Ahead

With her talent for crafting intricate worlds and compelling narratives, S.G. Blaise is setting her sights even higher. The sky’s the limit, and her ambitious vision includes turning her series into a comic book series, a TV show, and a movie series. Her goal is clear–to expand the reach of her work and share her imaginative worlds with a broader audience.

To learn more about S.G. Blaise and her work, visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

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