Wealth Advisor Sebastian Guerra Reveals the Secrets to Increasing Your Net Worth

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Financial independence is the freedom to choose whether or not to work while still maintaining the lifestyle you want to live. This worry-free financial status is not achieved in a day or year. It is the outcome of years of planning and investments that eventually help a person retire early and live life on their own terms. Today, everyone wants to achieve financial independence, but not everyone is aware of the strategies that should be adopted to accomplish it.

Sebastian Guerra, a financial advisor, wealth counselor, and public speaker, acts as the coach and guide for people who want to be retirement-ready early. Changing people’s lives since he was in his teens, Sebastian knows the A to Zs of financial planning, whether professional, personal, or family wealth security. Investment Advisory Representative Sebastian is the managing partner and president of Guerra Financial Group, a registered investment advisory firm.

Guerra Financial Group was originally founded by Sebastian’s father, Mauro Guerra, a fiduciary advisor who has personally advised over 15,000 families. Although he was running the firm quite well, the companyneeded to develop a solid financial backup to run month-to-month operations. Sebastian, a student at the University of Miami School of Business, joined the firm and quickly identified how to fix the situation by creating a strong financial reserve. Focused on building a strong foundation of personal savings, he lived on essentials during his college days.

Today, Guerra Financial Group helps more than 3K clients across the country implement investment strategies, tax planning, retirement income planning, healthcare asset protection, and estate planning. Sebastian’s brother, Fabian Guerra, is the firm’s CEO and manages the entire operation, while Sebastianhandles the firm’s advisory department. The journey he started at 19 with 6 figures eventually escalated to a million at 24 and a net worth of multi-million at 30. Currently, Sebastian guides a team of over 30 financial professionals at Guerra Financial Group, whose main goal is to make work a choice for the client and not an obligation.

Sebastian believes that a person’s financial strategy stems from their lifestyle. He is obsessed with financial planning and wants to leverage his knowledge to help others find financial freedom. Sebastian is a storehouse of information when it comes to all things money, including stocks, real estate, pensions, business plans, income strategies, life insurance, retirement plans, crypto, and more. He is a master when it comes to growing wealth with collateral debt, minimizing taxes, protecting assets from healthcare costs, and planning estates.

So far, Sebastian has hosted more than 500 educational seminars on financial planning, guiding over 15K families to find financial stability. He has coached over 1K financial advisory firms and mentored more than 8K insurance agents on structuring retirement plans and insurance-based investments. Sebastian’s success as a financial advisor and coach has been covered by several renowned media outlets like NBC, New York, and Boston magazines. He appeared on popular shows like NBC Money, ABC News, Univision, AmericaTV, and Telemundo.

To take his mission further to help people find financial freedom, Sebastian has authored a book titled Be Retirement Ready: Work Because You Want To, Not Because You Have To and co-authored The Retirement Ready Story. Currently managing assets worth millions, Sebastian envisions scaling up his firm to become a billion-dollar wealth management company in the coming years.

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