We Reviewed Tapestry Girls And Are In Love With Their Products

Normally it can be hard to test and debunk a website’s legitimacy online, but uncovering the question of is Tapestry Girls a good site was easy simply because it was so robust. This 100% transparent and secured brand is deemed one of the most favored and trusted e-commerce resources on the market today. Between the hundreds of raving customer reviews, the thousands of quality-assured décor items, to the 99% recommendation rate to date, Tapestry Girls is not only just legit but is also a dominating asset that can drastically transform your home or dorm for the better.

Who Owns Tapestry Girls?

Words may be just words, but the proof is in the pudding. To show you that Tapestry Girls is legit and a good site, let’s go back to its roots to get a better understanding of how it came to be such an iconic college dorm/home décor brand in under three years. It all began when Founder and CEO Kyle Leighton, discovered the lack of tapestry outlets within the market. From the low competition yet high demand for this area of business, he chose to dive into this business sector, developing the global distributor brand Tapestry Girls.

“At the time, I didn’t know anything about décor, or tapestries or any of that. I just knew that there was a low amount of competition, and I also knew that the target market was mostly “girls.” So, I took the word “tapestry” and paired it with “girls,” and thus you have “Tapestry Girls”, Leighton explained.

With tons of hard work, dedication, and innovation, Leighton successfully brought Tapestry Girls to a net worth of $1M+ in less than three years, and it has only continued to rise. Even more, Tapestry Girls held a 445% increase in sales since 2019 amid a global pandemic. With those documented numbers and rising trends of bottom-line growth (coupled with a 5-star overall rating), the likelihood of this being a systematic scam is downright zero.

What Does Tapestry Girls Sell?

The better question is, what doesn’t Tapestry Girls offer within the college dorm/home décor sector? The truth is that this brand offers thousands of décor items under various categories that can help you spice up your space to reflect your genuine personality. From a massive selection of tapestries, bedding, posters to tons of lighting fixtures, you can discover it all here to both liven, uplift, and colorize your space.

Is Tapestry Girls A Good Site?

In summary, you can finally check off your box next to the question on is Tapestry Girls a good website. This is a powerhouse college dominating brand that may have elevated to fame levels in record times, but it is important to remember that not all quick-advancing companies have ulterior motives. Some, like Tapestry Girls, have the right CEO driving the ship, an awesome niche, and an awesome business plan with even more awesome products that enabled them to skyrocket. The best part? Tapestry Girls is just getting started.

“I love seeing how the customers are enjoying the products and the styling ideas that they come up with. It’s very inspiring to me and motivates me to continue raising the standards bar as we continue to grow”, stated Leighton.

Overall, Tapestry Girls is legit, and it is a good site that features a bright, scaling future as the team continues to expand and deliver even more game-changing décor products. There are thousands of wonderful items already, with a strong push to deliver thousands more as they grow. And now that you can finally put your legitimacy question to rest, go ahead and shop with confidence and see for yourself why this trusted brand has become such an integral part of college culture.

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