We Asked Cryptocurrency Mentor Tedi Ticic How to Navigate Through Crypto Market; Here’s what He Says


Just a few years ago, cryptocurrencies were not commonplace, and traders were uncertain about their potential to yield good returns in the future. However, it has proved to be a very lucrative venture for traders over time, and its market has now become the most profitable market for investment and trading. Tedi Ticic is a cryptocurrency trader, author, and mentor from Croatia, Europe, and one of the few astute businessmen who recognized the prospective growth of the cryptocurrency market in its infancy.

Tedi was brilliant at business assessments from a young age. He was very confident and skilled in making sound decisions and wanted to use his inborn talent for a living. Given his adept resourcefulness and personal conviction, Tedi discovered that trading stocks were not as interesting as cryptocurrencies. Also, he learnt and understood how cryptocurrencies differ from trading stocks and what makes them more profitable. Thus he stepped into the venture in 2016 and has been learning more about the markets and trading cryptocurrencies to make a profitable living.

Tedi is currently one of the most popular and celebrated traders in Europe. This is evident in the massive following of his Instagram account. As of the moment, he boasts 69k followers and still counting. Many people have also testified to have greatly benefited from his guidance. Tedi has published three bestselling books on Amazon, eBay, and textbook.com, among other websites. He uses his years of experience and hard-earned acquaintance to support many people to try out the cryptocurrency market and do so with utmost confidence.

Tedi had a rocky success path. He was born and raised in a very humble background in Croatia. He had no earlier training or familiarity with business and investments, and the entire European cryptocurrency market was his biggest challenge. Most people also doubted him in the beginning. However, he trained and self-guided himself at every step, made mistakes, learned from them, and ultimately moved on to climb the success ladder.

The talented trader advises his learners to be keen on the ‘bull’ and ‘bear’ cryptocurrency markets to succeed in the venture. The two terms typically describe the stock market’s performance. “A rising market is called a bull market, whereas a declining one is called a bear market. While the direction of cryptocurrency prices basically marks both markets, there are a few significant differences that investors can observe,” explains Tedi.

The effect of bull and bear market trends on cryptocurrency is generally the same as that of stocks. Nonetheless, the trends vary due to cryptocurrency’s vulnerability to fluctuations. Thus, crypto markets tend to move faster as soon as bull or bear market trends take hold. Bull and bear markets are also easier to spot in stocks, unlike in cryptocurrency, where the investors give feedback that marks crypto differently as compared to stocks.

“Crypto traders usually buy during bearish markets for the advantage of lower cryptocurrency prices. Per se, when bullish markets arise, they have greater chances of making a solid return. However, there’s also a benefit to buying during a bull market. Buying during bullish markets can contribute to the uptrend, and therefore can also drive your profits as the market strengthens,” Tedi shared.

Both strategies come with risks; thus, you should be versed with the historical trends and stay updated with cryptocurrency news. In a few years, Tedi hopes to cement his name on the global trading scene and become the most popular author in Europe.

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