Wayne Liang: Creating a Paradigm Shift in Business by Giving Back

Everyone has their own perception of what it’s like to operate a business, but you can never really tell once you’re in the driver’s seat. Navigating the business world is a daunting task, but a clear vision and a passion for doing what’s right can truly go a long way. Wayne Liang is a young Vancouver-based entrepreneur who firmly believes that providing incentives, convenience, and satisfaction to customers will always outweigh the short-term benefits of prioritizing the company’s revenue.

Running a business isn’t always about earning a profit. Contrary to popular belief, businesses are meant to uphold and serve the needs of their customers above all else. Giving back is such a delicate yet important process of business operations, but it is often cast aside in exchange for profit.

However, Wayne Liang has been sparking a revolution of change in the business industry. Spearheading a more compassionate approach to business, the young maverick entrepreneur has created, operated, and sold multiple multi-million dollar companies in the e-commerce industry. Throughout his business endeavors, he never forgets about the importance of giving back to his customers, making it a guiding principle for his various business decisions.

As Wayne stated to Forbes, “Business is all about people. If you can improve their lives, you have a business. If you can create convenience for them, you have a business. They’ll also tell you everything you need to know about your business. The upset ones will be your greatest source of feedback, while the happy ones will be your primary source of audience-targeting. Before you make a move, make sure it’ll benefit the people. Be customer-centric.”

Liang has grown a positive reputation through his extensive experience in creating customer-focused businesses. “Business growth is all about the willingness to continuously put the customer ahead of itself. Making money should never be the first goal of any business,” he shares.

The way he approaches businesses has created a paradigm shift within the industry. More and more companies and organizations are pivoting towards a more holistic service to their customers through giving back. In turn, this has also converted into more loyal customers and long-lasting success.

“To go further and beyond, you can also give back to the community, not just your customers. When you create incentives and charitable gestures, it pays tenfold,” Wayne explained. Profit is not the only thing that can run a business. While it’s true that it is essential to sustain one, the true essence of entrepreneurship involves a community-oriented approach that is mutually beneficial to everyone involved.

“In a recent business I started, we made the offer to clean one pound of ocean-waste for every item sold. Not only does the customer receive a product they want, but they’re also contributing to more than just a personal desire. That’s how you can create a win-win scenario for all parties, at the cost of profiting slightly less in the short-term,” explained Liang.

The best businesses out there are by the people and for the people. Corporate entities that tend to manipulate and control their customers are doing it all wrong. The customers are the lifeblood of a business, and keeping them happy through incentivizing the business transaction will create an ecosystem of mutual benefit. One can never go wrong by doing the right thing. It’s time for more businesses to follow suit, and fortunately, Wayne Liang is leading the charge towards this positive change.

“Providing value always has and will always pay the best interest,” Wayne Liang said.

LA Weekly