Waqar Zaka’s Livestream Show, “Godzilla Bitcoin Trading,” Captivates Crypto Enthusiasts

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Famous Pakistani cryptocurrency entrepreneur, influencer, and leverage trader, Waqar Zaka, has recently launched an exciting new YouTube livestream show called “Godzilla Bitcoin Trading.” Drawing in thousands of viewers, Zaka takes on the daring challenge of high leverage trading, aiming to make profits within just 10 minutes. The two-hour-long livestream has not only garnered attention for its entertainment value but also for its engaging nature, with over 2000 viewers actively participating in the show. Feedback on Zaka’s Twitter account highlights his credibility as he showcases live profits rather than relying on mere profit screenshots.

Zaka is renowned for his direct predictions, emphasizing the importance of providing accurate forecasts and avoiding manipulative tactics often employed by other YouTubers. He claims that many YouTubers lose credibility by giving multiple predictions and selectively choosing the one that works out in hindsight. For the Hindi/Urdu speaking crowd, Zaka has become a one-stop shop for crypto trades and updates. With an impressive following of 4.9 million crypto enthusiasts on Facebook, 1.3 million on YouTube, 500K on Instagram, and 800K on Twitter, Zaka has been promoting cryptocurrencies since 2016.

Zaka’s influence extends beyond his online presence. He fought a legal battle in Pakistan as a lawyer against the government, successfully clarifying that the central bank cannot ban cryptocurrencies. Considered a lone warrior in Pakistan, he actively uses cryptocurrency to assist refugees, educating them on receiving charity in crypto through his visits to refugee campaigns. In 2016, Zaka introduced the concept of hydro-power bitcoin mining in Pakistan, convincing the government to earn revenue by allowing foreign investors to utilize hydropower exclusively for crypto mining.

Recognized as a crypto expert by the provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Zaka was appointed as the only crypto expert in an official committee working on the regulation of the crypto industry in Pakistan by the Sindh High Court. The court also commended Zaka for his efforts, directing the Central Bank Deputy Governor and Security Exchange director to collaborate with him and find a solution instead of imposing a ban. These significant contributions have garnered Zaka extensive popularity among Pakistani audiences worldwide.

With his “Godzilla Bitcoin Trading” show and influential presence, Waqar Zaka continues to captivate the crypto community, providing valuable insights and entertainment while promoting the adoption and regulation of cryptocurrencies in Pakistan.


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