Want to Lose Weight Fast? Here Are 5 Weight Loss Hacks That Actually Work!

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Are you tired of trying fad diets, gimmicky weight loss tricks that never seem to work, and wasting more money on supplements that don’t live up to their “fat-burning” claims? 

Losing weight and keeping it off can be a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. There are things you can do to make it easier and more sustainable. 

Here are five proven weight loss tips that can help you achieve your goals — and a supplement stack we found that does work if you want to kick things up another notch! 

5 Weight Loss Hacks That Actually Work

  1. Prioritize Protein and Veggies

By no means are we saying carbs are bad. Carbs are your primary energy source, and you shouldn’t completely omit them from your diet, especially if you are active. It’s just that they are easy to overeat, creating a calorie surplus that can lead to weight gain.

Protein and fibrous veggies are known to be very satiating. The fuller you are, the less likely you’ll mindlessly “snack” or have food cravings. Plus, protein is the building block for building lean, calorie-burning muscle! 

Fill your plate with lean protein and veggies, save most carbs for before and after you workout and sip on a protein shake between meals.

  1. Go on Walks 

Cardio and lifting weights no doubt accelerate weight loss and offer numerous health benefits, but the impact walking has on weight loss is often undervalued. It is a low-impact activity that can boost metabolism and burn calories and can be easily incorporated into a daily routine, making it accessible for people of all fitness levels.

While the number of calories burned through walking can vary based on factors such as the intensity of the walk and an individual’s weight, even a slow stroll can still significantly contribute to your weight loss efforts.

In addition to its calorie-burning effects, walking can also help to improve cardiovascular health, strengthen the muscles in the lower body, and enhance mental well-being. It can be a great way to clear the mind, relieve stress and improve mood.

Overall, walking should not be underestimated as a form of exercise. In addition to whatever workout and cardio program you follow, aim to get in more steps! 

  1. Find Healthier Food Swaps

It is possible to enjoy your favorite meals and desserts while losing weight or getting healthy; you just need to get a little creative! Make a few swaps and use healthy alternatives to the ingredients in your favorite dishes and you’ll have no reason to not enjoy those foods. 

Here are some tips:

  • Instead of full-fat cheese, opt for low-fat.
  • Replace calorie-dense mayo with a low-fat or fat-free version, and swap out sour cream with fat-free plain Greek yogurt.

  • Instead of bread, use a lettuce wrap, cauliflower round or low-carb wrap.

  • Use egg beaters instead of whole eggs.

You get the idea — choose lower-calorie options when possible! Want some further inspo? Here are some ideas for recreating some of the most common foods people crave.

  • Are greasy fries calling your name? Cut up a fresh red or sweet potato, spray with a little olive oil spray, sprinkle on some sea salt and throw them in the oven or air fryer!

  • Dying for a pizza? Use a low-carb pita, cauliflower crust or rice cake and put on your favorite toppings.

  • Wishing you could hit up your favorite Mexican joint? Grill up some fajita veggies and lean meat with taco seasonings. Put the mixture in corn tortillas, over cauliflower rice or on a bed of shredded lettuce! 

  • Missing pasta? Use zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash. You can replace it all or mix it with half a serving of whole grain pasta.

  • Want cake? Try using a quality whey isolate or vegan protein powder to make healthier protein cookies, brownies, cakes and more! 

One more important thing to note. Even if you make healthier food swaps, paying attention to portion sizes is important. Even healthy foods can contribute to weight gain if you overeat them. 

  1. Get Quality Sleep 

A surefire way to sabotage your weight loss efforts and possibly even gain weight is slacking on quality sleep. Numerous studies associate short sleep with a greater risk of weight gain and a higher body mass index.

The effect of sleep on weight gain is believed to be affected by numerous factors, including the stress hormone cortisol, the hunger hormones ghrelin and leptin, energy levels and motivation to exercise. 

Sleep duration shouldn’t be your only focus. Sleep quality and sticking to a consistent sleep schedule matter too. Prioritizing quality sleep can no doubt help prevent weight gain and support a healthy body weight.

If you need help falling asleep, staying asleep or getting enough sleep, there are science-backed herbs that can help! This supplement contains some of the most effective. 

  1. Give Your Metabolism A Boost 

Numerous factors can contribute to a sluggish metabolism. Genetics and age are the two most common. Luckily, you can do things to boost your metabolism, no matter your bloodline or birthday! 

  • Exercise, especially with weights: Weight training builds muscle, and muscle boosts metabolism!

  • Don’t skip meals: It might sound counterintuitive, but undereating can actually damage your metabolism. Ensure you are eating enough to fuel your body and workouts.

  • Consume metabolism boosting foods and supplements: Fat-burning foods like protein, spicy peppers and green tea have been proven to bump up metabolism. If you don’t want to eat chili peppers and drink green tea all day every day – this top rated supplement for fat loss contains potent natural extracts of both. 

What about supplements!?

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We didn’t include supplements in that short list of weight loss hacks because supplements are never a substitute for a balanced healthy diet, exercise and quality sleep.

That said, supplements containing the right clinically backed ingredients in the right dosages can make these things easier and even give you an unfair advantage in reaching your weight loss goals. 

If you are considering supplements, Inno Supps, a well-known leader in the supplement space, makes a stack of supplements called the Thermo Shred Stack that we are big fans of. 

The Thermo Shred Stack contains five best-selling supplements that work together to address some of the root causes of weight loss (like gut health) and some of the weight loss tips we touched on above (sleep and metabolism). 

Here is a look at what’s in the Thermo Shred Stack and how it can help you lose weight faster and easier: 

Inno Shred: This thermogenic contains only the safest and most effective natural fat-burning and metabolism-igniting ingredients available! Expect to have more energy, a boosted metabolism and fewer cravings! 

Night Shred/Night Shred Black: Thanks to the unique ingredients in this PM sleep aid and fat-burning thermogenic, you won’t only fall asleep faster and sleep longer, you will get better quality deep sleep, priming your body with the rest it needs to achieve optimal performance and torch body fat!

Volcarn 2000: You will feel this thermogenic carnitine working as it mobilizes your fat cells and burns them for energy! Expect rapid fat loss, improved endurance and enhanced focus and mental drive! Get ready to be hot and sweaty! 

Inno Cleanse: Healthy digestion is key if you want to look and feel your best. With Inno Cleanse, you will flush out toxins that accumulate in your gut and intestines. Expect to eliminate pounds of waste, reduce bloating and trim down your waist size!

The supplements in the Thermo Shred Stack are designed to work together to hit fat cells from every angle, release free fatty acids into your bloodstream and then aggressively turn them off as energy. It really is the ultimate “Fat Burning Dream Team.” 

Do you “need” supplements to lose weight? Technically, no. But if you have a difficult time sleeping, poor gut health and a sluggish metabolism, it will be much harder. The supplements in the Inno Supps Thermo Shred Stack can help!

The bottom line…

Diet and exercise are weight loss staples, but there are ways to make the process easier and a few hacks that make it faster. The above five weight loss hacks and the Inno Supps Thermo Shred Stack will no doubt help speed things up! 

If you want to learn more about the Thermo Shred Stack and hear what customers have to say about how it’s helped them reach their weight loss goals – visit the company website. 

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