Walter “Doc” Bored Launches 3D NFT Art, and You Should See It!


NFT art has been steadily declining, especially in the last few months. Once considered experimental and visionary, NFTs are now plagued with half-baked and unoriginal ideas. Unfortunately, plenty of unoriginal, copycat PFPs never reach an audience or even half-baked artists are guilty of whipping up botched NFT art without any substance. Recently, we’ve witnessed an increasing trend in projects that didn’t deliver on their promises other than beautiful interfaces and pixelation. Fortunately, a handful of people are still doing quality work and innovating in this space to make it great again.

Walter “Doc” Bored has been a true pioneer in the NFT art space. Doc is an ex-architect who loves 3D art and has a passion for coding. His latest project, Bruh Pills, is not just eye candy animated PFP. It’s a much bigger platform for practical experiences on the Bruh Pills Miniverse platform. This collection of amazing 3D art comprises 3333 fully animated unique Pill NFTs curated by numerous artists and builders. Each Pill is a fun, programmable piece of art with a unique personality and distinct features.

Holders of the project can customize their Pills as they desire with top-notch features that suit their personalities. The ingredients combine hair, hats, eyes, glasses, and mouth traits. The Pills come in 12 variations, including the Human Pill, Pickle Pill, Zombie Pill, Alien Pill, Ape Pill, Android Pill, and more. In addition, holders can choose the colors they want on their Pill, in whichever shade they feel comfortable with. Moreover, each Pill has a cool and unique story, famous attributes, and much more.

The Bruh Pills Miniverse is another cool feature of this project, unlocked by the ownership of a Bruh Pill. On the project’s website, the team explains the Miniverse as a place for people to come together and create a Community NFT Generator to unravel the future, among other things. Further, the team describes the project as an ever-growing system with new ideas to be added as the community grows.

So far, Doc and his partners have built an exclusive community on the private Bruh Pills discord channel. The goal is to create a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), where the community will have a vote on future business initiatives and fund allocation. Members will also have exclusive access to merch drops like the Bruh Pill underwear and airdrops. Consequently, the DAO will buy land on the metaverse and build hangout spots for members. Other cool features of this project include in-real-life meetings with other Bruh Pill holders and Bruh Pills AR (Augmented Reality) face filters for a mixed reality experience.

What started as a one-person project has grown exponentially, setting the standard for what NFT art should be about: creativity and utility. Not only are the Bruhs the best 3D NFTs out there, but they also have real-life value for holders. Doc’s vision is to grow the community and scale the project further. His goal is to collaborate with other leaders in the NFT space and expand the Bruh Pills platform into new spaces in a few years.

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