Walking in your purpose requires fearless energy and customized shoes.  

Staring into the mirror enables people to see their flaws, potential, power, and future.

Observing yourself in silence produces a chaotic, serene, divine, and powerful moment. Very few people possess the capacity to convert imperfections into manifestations of supremacy. Climbing the mountain of failure of redemption is not created equally in society.

Millions of people attempt to chase their destiny under misguided logic and blind faith. The School of Hard Knocks delivers a distinctive curriculum and only a select few graduate with honors. Sustaining high levels of pressure in life and maintaining top performance in one’s craft creates a beast-mode mentality.

Believing in the unthinkable is normal and expecting greatness is a lifestyle.

Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur Taylor McClaine entered this world under improbable circumstances and with unconditional love. Taylor McClaine’s life was never designed to be ordinary; he was anointed as a natural leader from birth.

Taylor McClaine doesn’t believe in taking U-Turns in life.

Taylor McClaine views life through a multi-color lens and perspective. Taylor’s propensity to analyze people and circumstances in an ultra-unique fashion illuminates his supreme emotional intelligence.

Creating music is an organic extension of Taylor McClaine’s creative genius. The music, passion, pain, and elevation of Taylor McClaine is coming full circle in 2023.

In 2022, Taylor inked a strategic TV/Film distribution deal with RADIOPUSHERS to deliver premium branded content to Amazon Prime Video. Taking the Taylor McClaine journey global optimizes his reach and visibility heading for 2023.

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