Walken taps into the Walk-to-earn trend to promote a healthy lifestyle

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The dynamic nature of the NFT trend has been seen in every sector and every industry. From fashion to entertainment, and now expanding into gaming and sports, this new technology is taking over the world. With Dapps and blockchain being combined in the gaming world, it can bring innovations to NFTs. This will help create a new pathway for games, increasing their value and creating new experiences for those passionate about gaming.

Walken NFT project is committed to bringing NFTs to new heights. By adding a new dimension to the gaming and health industry. Walken taps into Walk and exercise-to-earn mobile application powered by $WLKN tokens. The idea is to get crypto enthusiasts to indulge in a healthier lifestyle and earn tokens. While the project is still in its infancy, it can be a game-changer in terms of gaming technology.

Walken brings NFT and sports together while also prioritizing healthy lifestyles and health-consciousness. Walken allows you to play and train in real life, gaining Gems and upgrading Speed, Stamina, and Power – a type of NFT. In return, you earn tokens that can be used to upgrade the level of a cathedral or buy items on the Marketplace to gain additional stats points. The more users walk, the more they earn, so Walken will undoubtedly give way to an increase in physical activity with the help of blockchain technology.

Five leagues are available for the game, and they each have their own set of rules and are categorized on a level system. With different leagues comes a prize pool for the winner. Serious challenges lie ahead of you as your team will have to fight off enemies in various challenges and gain more points. Also, you can gain new items and accessories for your CAThletes to boost their stats and make them even more robust.

It utilizes the motion detection function of smartphones and wearable devices to capture users’ steps. Walken will also use complex algorithms and anti-cheating tools to ensure a fair and cheat-free environment. The $WLKN token is the governance and staking token of Walken. It helps to enhance a user’s experience by providing income and utility tokens. The $WLKN token can be used in the game and as decentralized assets in simplified DeFi.

The potential of this project is enormous. With various leagues and challenges to choose from, it can be the go-to place for those who want a new NFT experience. In addition, adding blockchain technology to the mix can help take NFTs to new heights. While still in its infancy, this project will surely be a game-changer in gaming technology. The platform will bring together the best of both worlds by extending the reach of technological innovations in both industries, allowing users to earn real-world rewards in the form of tokens while also increasing physical activity within the community.

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