Leading up to National Burger Day on May 28, Off The Menu and Uber Eats are teaming up for the world’s largest celebrity burger competition that will team more than 50  celebrities  up with local restaurants in 10 cities to create their ultimate custom burger, available for fans and burger aficionados alike to enjoy exclusively on Uber Eats from May 28-31.

Each pairing  will have their own cooking segment live on theburgershowdown.com where viewers can vote on their favorite burger and order on-demand from Uber Eats in their respective city.

In L.A., Ronda Rousey teams up with Umami Burger, Joel McHale with Cassell’s Hamburgers, and Kaley Cuoco with Nic’s on Beverly for a bunless burger. Josh Hutcherson and L.A. chef Eric Greenspan put their heads together, and Isaiah Mustafa looks for inspiration at VOWburger. The list goes on with L.A.’s Katherine McPhee virtually venturing to Planta in Toronto.

The burger with the most likes and orders will be crowned the winner, and a donation will be made to Frontline Foods to celebrate. Eaters can also donate directly to Frontline Foods’ COVID-19 relief efforts through the website.

Pickles or no pickles?  Does BBQ sauce belong on a burger?  Just how messy should it be?  Check out the video for a sneak peek at the virtual burger brainstorming between Joel McHale and  Cassell’s chef and owner Christian Page.

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