Visionary Filmmaker, Will Thompson, Inspiring His Fans Thru His Films

Don’t let the Oscars fool you…it isn’t always about the regulars grabbing the limelight. From Jordan Peele to Will Thompson, Hollywood has found a whole new respect for newer filmmakers whose projects have moved and inspired movie goers.

 From Film Festivals to Networks such as Netflix, to streaming sights, many platforms have opened their doors to newer filmmakers and shining a light on them.

While big names were being celebrated at the Oscars this year, the last few years we have seen a boom in the younger yet talented filmmakers telling their stories in innovative ways. In 2010, for example, the horror genre had been awakened with a unique method of telling a story thanks to thetalented, Jordan Peele.

Gracing the April cover of Filmmaker Life, Will Thompson, is making his way to the top filmmaker list of 2022. Actor, Award Winning Filmmaker, Award Winning Writer, Thompson, is in production for his third film produced by Urban Visionary Films. His new film about mental health which was inspired by his childhood friend, “Talk to Me”, is a dramatic film that Will is also producing and starring in.

Why did you feel the need to own your own production company as opposed to having yourproject made by a studio?

“It was important for me to tell the stories as I see it and portray the characters the way I createdthem to be.”

The 2021 release of “Good Intentions” was not only considered to be successful but even more so considering the timing of releasing a movie during the pandemic. It went on to receive amazingreviews and has recently been released on Tubi.

We asked Thompson, where have you been able to pull inspiration from on this current project “Talk to Me”? He quickly replied that a childhood friend of his suffers from bipolar depression and schizophrenia. During the pandemic he was filled with ideas and needed an outlet as most creative people do. It was the perfect time to settle down and just work. While others were taking time off, Thompson was busy writing and making yet another dream come to a reality.

As to his production company, Urban Visionary Films is fueled and creating more projects then ever. Making up for almost 2-year shutdown on set, the comeback is in full effect. With more projects to comesoon keep an eye out for the name on the big screen.

Talk to Me script is already done, and we are in pre-production. Look out for the trailer sooner than later. I am working nonstop to bring people this anticipated film.” Thompson has told us regarding the stage his newest project is in.

Look out for Thompson’s name as he is the filmmaker of the year. Recognition by various award shows and sold-out tickets to showings so visit Tubi to watch “Good Intentions” and become a fan asmany have.

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