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L.A. Fights Back Against Cops and NSA Spying on the Innocent

Thursday, June 26, 2014

We already know that the Los Angeles Police Department, the Sheriff, and police departments including Long Beach's use rooftop vehicle-mounted cameras that have collected millions of photos of the license plates and precise locations of innocent SoCal drivers. That info sits in a databank that law enforcement can use to track your car's movements over a period of years.

We also know that LAPD Chief Charlie Beck purchased two spy drones from Seattle after residents there shouted down the Seattle City Council and got rid of them. And now, Glenn Greenwald has warned Angelenos that the NSA views those who encrypt their own emails as "bad people." Those worried that the public is losing its freedoms to the surveillance complex discussed what Californians can do about it. Read the full story: L.A. Fights Back Against Cops and NSA Spying on the Innocent.

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