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Echo Park's Baxter Street Is One of the Steepest in L.A.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Baxter Street is not the steepest street in Los Angeles — that distinction goes to the less active thoroughfare Eldred Street in Highland Park — but as you ascend its peak, it becomes clear why this street has such a reputation among Angelenos. It’s not just steep going up, it’s the exact same steepness going down. The street slopes at a 32 degree angle in both directions. At the apex, there is no stop sign. There is no moment to collect yourself for the crest of the hill. Hill is too small a word here. It’s a mountain. Angelenos know it and respect Baxter; it’s the site of constant vehicle breakdowns and accidents. Newcomers gawk at it. Baxter Street could even be our ramshackle answer to San Francisco's steep and winding Lombard Street. This Super Steep Echo Park Street Is Hell on Earth for Cars

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