It’s Tommy with Tommy Chong’s Favorites with L.A. Weekly x Dank City. I just discovered that mushrooms are the future of wellness! If you are looking to enhance your immune system, increase your focus and cognition, Kinoko Mushroom’s 100 percent pure mindful mushroom powders and Full Spectrum CBD will give you the power to take on any day!

Now back in my day Mushrooms were very in demand — we were always looking for a certain kind of mushrooms…haha! These aren’t “magic” mushrooms, but they’re really good for you and help keep your body strong,especially your immune system and your overall health and wellness.That’s what made me first try them and now I love Kinoko Mushrooms, definitely one of my favorites! People are always asking me how they can better sleep, relax, detox,and be happy — I believe it’s simple — it’s most important to take care of your mind and body. These Shroomies are great for you! From experience, you can treat yourself to the future of wellness with Kinoko Mushrooms!

One of my favorite things is to add Kinoko Mushrooms to my morning smoothies! My smoothies taste delicious with lots of fresh fruit and yogurt — just blend the product right in and the powders add no additional flavor, but all the health benefits! The Immunity powder has chaga, cordyceps, maitake, reishi, shiitake and turkey tail mushrooms! The Mind & Body powder is my personal favorite and has lion’s mane, maitake and reishi mushrooms! Geez, all that shroom power is really amazing! Talking about this makes me want to make another yummy smoothie! Yum!

I was studying Kinoko Mushrooms and they are created by a passionate and innovative team who care about consistency, hard work and constant improvement. They’re always trying to reach a higher level of work, life and health balance and they’re super passionate in everything they create, from studying the latest trends in food and health science to adjusting their brand and products for what people want. That’s why I love the Mushroom Extract Powders and Full Spectrum CBD they craft; they really care about their products.

(Courtesy of Dank City)

That Kinoko Mushroom product line has taken years of research and testing to create the best products goes to show it the best things take time! Kinoko Mushroom CBD is the only CBD that includes the benefits of mushrooms. I would recommend the 1000 mg Holistically Balanced Mint Honey CBD Drops, they really help take the edge off and  chill.

The reason why I wanted to include Kinoko Mushrooms as one of my favorites with L.A. Weekly is because I am now have the“mushroom mindset.” This is really the core ingredient behind all of their innovation — it’s the belief in the power of the shrooms. Based on research and current science, mushrooms are the most ancient organism still around that have unbelievable health potential but are unfamiliar to many people today; Kinoko wants to let everyone understand. Lion’s mane in the Mind & Body powder is showing signs of increasing brain power and focus, that’s the future! They will do everything it takes to prove and promote the importance of mushrooms and how they can lead you to a better life. They made me a believer!

Check their website out at kinokomushrooms.com and their Instagram @kinoko.mushrooms. They are also a part of the thegrowndepot.com, where they only carry quality toker products, tools and equipment.

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