Victor Cuevas’ Fresh Take on Crowdsourced Real Estate Investing in Southern California

Have you ever daydreamed about real estate investing but were stopped short by your confidence or knowledge of the industry? Or maybe you have some savings you’d love to invest but aren’t sure your real estate acumen is as sharp as the property investment pros? You’re not alone. In fact, this is just the idea that Southern California serial entrepreneur Victor Cuevas built his latest venture around.

Griffin Crowd & Capital allows those new to the real estate game to invest as part of a group, with trusted industry experts at the helm of the investments. And the venture is making waves in California’s famously tricky property market.

Cuevas may be taking the SoCal real estate market by storm, but he’s no industry newbie. A mortgage professional with over three decades’ worth of experience, he’s considered a mentor and veteran in both the residential and commercial sectors. He’s also a motivated and innovative businessman.

It comes as no surprise that his latest endeavor, Griffin Crowd & Capital, is drawing comparisons to groundbreaking ideas like GoFundMe for the way it pairs real estate investing with crowdfunding.

But, the impresario doesn’t do it alone. His real estate team, many of whom he’s known for decades, includes sales professionals, real estate brokers, accountants, commercial underwriters, property managers, administrators, appraisers, and a full legal department.

“My actual current team includes all the industry experts.  We collectively add up to well over 118 years of experience,” Cuevas said.

A Strong Start, Stronger Stats

As the end of 2021 approaches, Cuevas shared a hat trick of his year’s business highlights. They include purchasing a stunning 118-unit California apartment building via crowdfunding for $6 million – today it has a market value of $11 million and pays dividends to investors with its rental income.

Another success came by way of buying up a16-unit compound in another Southern California destination town for just $1.6 million before its value more than doubled to $4 million.

His third score came by way of the 33 units he scooped up for just $300,000. That smart buy now holds an unbelievable value of $4.9 million.

These more than healthy investments are par for the course for Cuevas and Griffin. They consider their eye for undervalued apartment complexes – and ability to secure them at low prices – as their industry calling card.

A Trusted Property Veteran

Cuevas made his name – one that’s well-known in Southern California property markets – as a commercial financier specializing in buying and developing multi-family apartment units of all kinds. With Griffin, he decided to share his expertise with others who could use his experience and guidance as a way into the industry and a place to learn alongside others who share their passion.

In addition to his success with Griffin, Cuevas also runs a mortgage office that offers direct financing to property buyers. It’s this winning combination of experience and industry exposure that have been the key to making money for the wide variety of investors that become involved with Griffin.

Cuevas not only knows lots about the industry, he also knows nearly everyone involved in property investing in Southern California, giving him leverage in finding the best properties quickly and securing financing on them almost automatically.

“Due to the fact that I run a direct mortgage bank, we are much more connected and in tune to the best possible financing options for our projects. It allows us to have at our disposal the very best financing to buy and the very best option to offer in place as a seller,” he said.

Property Investing 101

For many would-be investors, Cuevas’ set-up seems to be the ideal low-risk property project. Through his various endeavors, the founder finds the properties, leverages the best deals, secures the financing and delivers dividends as well as an education on property investing.

With the properties under his umbrella, he collects the rent and pays out returns to his many investors on a pre-agreed schedule, which can be monthly or quarterly. For investors, they feel secure with his expertise – and the fact that they collectively own 70-75% of the property portfolio, giving them agency and a voice in any business decisions.

The company is alluring to new investors since they have a proven track record of providing a higher-than-average ROI of 18%. And Griffin’s projects are far from static. For 2022, they are already in talks to secure two complexes in California’s Riverside County that value nearly $14 million, which his investors are thrilled with.

About Victor Cuevas

Victor Cuevas is an industry professional with over 30 years of mortgage finance experience, including extensive knowledge in both residential and commercial properties. He is a successful serial entrepreneur with a multitude of accomplished companies and ventures. Among them, Victor built a mortgage empire, spanning 36 offices in several western and central states. He currently serves as the founder of Griffin Crowd & Capital, the next chapter in an already illustrious career. For more information, visit

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